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Content isn’t king, context marketing is

In our recent B2B marketing challenges report for 2016 we declared that context marketing is king; content is dead. Okay… we will admit, content isn’t dead. But it is certainly true that context is far more important. Wondering why? Let us explain.

First, a little honesty. ‘Content’ is a new term used by the marketing industry for something we’ve had for a long, long time – marketing messages. No matter how cleverly disguised, content is driven by an agenda, and will be orientated toward delivering the audience with brand messages to increase awareness, engagement and sales.

Good. Now we have cleared the air. So content isn’t king because ultimately the audience realises it is just more marketing. Just more fluff. But what if that marketing fluff isn’t fluff to them. What is the audience is truly interested in what a brand has to say? On those occasions, you’ve got the context right. This is why context marketing is king.

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