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Delivering greatness. Is it worth the wait?

Delivering Greatness

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. Supreme renaissance genius and one of the greatest creative thinkers, innovators, and artists in all human history. A master of paint and sculpture. A scientist, an engineer, a mathematician, and architect. He designed submarines, helicopters, and planes, centuries ahead of their time. And he inspired Dan Brown novels. What an all-round smart guy; Wouldn’t he just be the best recruit for the content team? But alas, born too soon.

Also, it took him 16 years to complete the Mona Lisa. Let’s get it out there; Leonardo da Vinci was a procrastinator for the ages.

Not because he was lazy. Or because he was a vegetarian. But because he was easily and constantly distracted by the next big idea and the latest project. Such as not finishing The Adoration of the Magi, and countless more would-have-been-masterpieces. It’s no coincidence that there are only 15 of Leonardo’s completed works in existence.

One example: The Duke of Milan commissioned a statue of his father Francesco Sforza on horseback. Leonardo spent nearly 17 years planning the 25ft monument. But before it was finished, French forces invaded Milan in 1499, and promptly smashed the sculpture into a zillion pieces, by using it for target practice.

Key learning: if you hold out for perfection, people may not thank you for it

Which brings us to the new Fox Agency brand. Which, some say, has ‘taken a while’. Our new brand is super important. It’s a huge deal for us. We urgently needed it so we can get on with our marketing, new-biz, and lead-gen, realise our growth ambitions, and generally become the hottest agency on the B2B tech planet. It’s a fun, creative thing to do, and all of us want a piece of it. So what’s been stopping us?

It is a paradox: our brand is simultaneously the biggest thing on our agenda to move the agency forward. And at the same time, on any given day, it’s more or less the lowest priority job on the schedule. The clients’ work comes first. That’s just the way it is.

Our clients are more important to us than our brand, but that doesn’t mean that our brand is unimportant

So we resolved this problem in true agency style; by getting someone else to do our brand for us. (Andy Lodge and Chris Jackson at The Common Room, since you ask.)

By ‘doing the brand’, we mean creating the platform that helps us present who we are as an agency, right now. In other words; the logo and the graphics, copy, imagery; how we look, feel, and sound. To be clear, we already knew who we are, what we stand for, and what we are good at (we’d done all that bit). Our values are the same as ever (growth mindset, committed, real, positive, intelligent). And our culture is uniquely ‘us’. Don’t worry, we’re still Fox Agency. But we are also more than we used to be.

So, when people ask what we do, there is a reasonable chance that each of us will say roughly the same thing; delivering greatness for B2B tech clients, and making things happen (fast!). Our brand gives us a rallying point; it helps the right clients to find us and choose us for all the right reasons; it works for the digital world; it excites us. And also, because it’s such a flexible brand, it takes (some of) the pain out of achieving other important things – such as building new websites, writing case studies, and creating presentations.

If you’re looking for a creative rationale, it’s something to do with change, freedom, and the minimum of rules. It’s certainly about tech. And simplicity. But actually, it’s not really about how or why we’ve ‘done the brand’ – it’s about everything we can do with it.

The all-new Fox Agency: Emotional; Rational; Usable. And we believe, worth the wait.