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Excellence in Client Service workshops: delivering greatness for our clients

Excellence in Client Service workshops: delivering greatness for our clients

At Fox Agency, delivering the best for clients is priority number one. It’s something we deeply care about, but while our expert team has countless service experience, we’re firm believers on continually developing our approach.

Wanting to provide even better work via smart, new thinking and action, we employed the insight of David Crawford. A consultant with a view on marketing best practice honed through years heading some of Leeds’ most successful agencies, David delivered a two-day workshop exploring client service best-practice.

What did we learn?

In line with our new mission, delivering the world’s smartest campaigns for world-leading clients; motto, think smart, deliver greatness; and mantra, make greatness happen, David explored a range of topics in client service, including:

  • What makes a high performance team?
  • What’s stopping us delivering greatness in every project, every single day?
  • How to succeed across the three stages of client relationships – onboarding, retention and growth.
  • The holy trinity of client services – great work, which builds relationships, which builds trust, which leads right back to more great work.
  • Exploring best-practice rhythms and routines – including ‘be brief, be bright, be brilliant, be gone’ (a sure-fire approach to undertaking client meetings).
  • …and plenty more insightful and useful stuff.

It was enlightening, and after reflecting on the things that propel account management from the ordinary to the great, the team have already begun weaving new insights into Fox’s client service strategy and practice.

What did the team think?


It was great to have the time to reflect on our practice, along with ensuring we are still aligned with achieving Fox greatness for clients. It was also useful to have a platform to take a step back from the day to day and really think about why we do what we do. It’s important to always strive for better, so having workshops like this is a great chance to reflect on your performance and focus on better ways of working.


A really simple thing that stuck with me considered combatting negativity in the office. Basically, if you feel like moaning about how bad your day is and spreading negativity, just think: what happened today that was good? Fight the tendency for your mind to focus on the negative and flip the mindset on its head.


A few takeaways. First, that a perceived ‘lack of time’ might not be the thing getting in the way of us delivering greatness – we don’t always have the control to extend a deadline, but we certainly have the control to strengthen our own processes.

Second, misery loves company. Consider the rest of the team when you feel like being negative, because it spreads. Also, multitasking doesn’t always work – focus on doing one thing at a time and do it well. That will ultimately help you to better prioritise your deadlines and ultimately meet them.


Efficient, effective client servicing ensures Fox Agency’s expertise is properly targeted and honed to perfection. Take a look at our case studies to see this approach in action.