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Five podcasts for B2B tech professionals

Without our usual social outlets to occupy us, and our eyes only able to withstand so much screen time, many of us have enlisted the help of podcasts to fend off the blatant boredom of the past few months.

However, after listening to so many murder mysteries, and of course, plenty of ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’, you may find yourself yearning for some professional insights, for which there are numerous podcasts to consume.

Here is our top five list of podcasts for B2B tech professionals to listen to, when they’re on the lookout for the latest news, insights, and sage advice.

B2B Growth

With a new release every day, these 5-20-minute podcasts are an easily digestible dose of B2B marketing know-how. This chewy multivitamin of the B2B podcast world speaks to marketers, executives and thought leaders on everything from marketing strategy, to buyer personas, to account-based marketing, and turns their success stories into actionable lessons for avid listeners. Five minutes well spent.

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Agency Dealmasters

Launched in 2019, Agency Dealmasters has recently celebrated its 100th episode, each one offering the chance to learn from premiere league players in B2B marketing and sales. Our highlights include the interview with our very own Ben Fox and another interview with our Head of PR & Content, David Clare. This podcast, hosted by the velvet voice of Nathan Anibaba (host of another great podcast) comes from an agency angle so it’s great for getting to the nitty gritty of what clients love and loathe when it comes to working with folks like us.

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Masters of Scale

An original podcast hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is never going to be a dud, is it? With guests such as Mark Zuckerberg and similar masters of scale, plus extra points for being the first American media program to commit to a guest gender balance, we’re certainly keen to learn from the featured masters’ theories on scaling up business.

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Without Borders

Powered by PR agency Tyto and in collaboration with Russell Goldsmith of the csuite podcast (another great listen), Without Boarders features a range of guests from profound sages in business to zealous unicorns. Focusing on communicating stories about communications, but with guests such as improv comedy groups, the podcast is hugely diverse and keeps your interest from episode-to-episode.

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The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

The wonderful FlipMyFunnel Podcast, showcases Sangram Vajre’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for B2B marketing, and has us coming back for more of his daily 30-minute chunks of insight on account-based marketing, strategic partnerships, content creation, and everything in between.

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One more thing: ClientSide

Yes, you signed up to read the top five podcasts every B2B tech professional should be listening to but here’s a sixth, with love from Fox Agency. Check out ClientSide, our very own series for global, in-house B2B marketeers to share the challenges, changes, and unchanging truths of delivering growth for world-leading B2B tech brands. Featuring leaders of companies such as BearingPoint, TransferWise, and Bud, the podcast gives exclusive insight to the ClientSide world of B2B tech.

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