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Fox Agency attends Prolific London Launch

We’re avid readers of Prolific North here at Fox Agency, so we were keen to attend the launch of Prolific London. Especially as it coincided with us visiting our new London office (we said goodbye to our home in Stockwell and moved into the salubrious enclaves of Mayfair).


The day began with a visit to the office, followed by an interview with another possible team member, and culminated with the Prolific London event – each destination making for an interesting journey as mobile data problems left me without Maps or Google. It was a back to basics trip around town navigating by memory, landmarks and a bit of luck (obviously asking anyone for directions in London is a no-no – I learnt my lesson long ago).

The launch event for Prolific London took place in a glitzy co-working space in Shoreditch and the friendly team were on hand to ensure we had a crazy large name badge and that we didn’t run out of beers or wines. Over 200 marketing and tech professionals (and me) turned up and numerous talks took place; including one by Kristal Ireland, now the Head of eCommerce and Retail at LNER. North or South, I don’t think I’ve attended an event when Kristal Ireland isn’t on the line-up!


After the talks, it was down to some serious networking. I was at first surprised to encounter so many fellow Northerners, but then I remembered that all the drinks were free.

All in all, a worthwhile evening and we wish the Prolific London team well. Oh, and I managed to shoe-horn myself into the end of the event video.