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Fox Agency grows green with office plants

Now summer has arrived, we Foxes have a spring in our step as our Headingley habitat comes alive with lush foliage. With so much nature surrounding us, we thought it might be nice to bring the outside in and spruce up the office a bit, so we got our mitts on lots and lots of plants.


Why have we suddenly got lots of office plants?

There are plenty of benefits to having plants dotted around. First, they provide an extra hit of visual flavour, adding to the office’s stately Victorian features we’ve grown so accustomed to at Moorfield House.

They also have a psychological effect, making the general atmosphere softer and more meditative, and thanks to improving concentration and relaxation, they’re perfect for helping us unleash our creativity.

Next, plants clean the air – not just producing oxygen and reducing CO2 levels by up to 25%, but also removing carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. We’re 99% sure the office isn’t swimming in industrial chemicals, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And lastly, studies have found that office plants reduce stress, depression, anxiety, anger and blood pressure levels, and can even improve attention. We’re a PT-loving, free fruit and muesli-chowing bunch, so this was the icing on the cake.


Where did we nab all our office plants?

We believe in keeping things local, so decided to enlist the help of The Green Yard, a fantastic independent plant shop based around the corner at HEART, the Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre.

With the expert help of the owner, Claire, we were able to get a fantastic variety of healthy and strong indoor plants, all furnished with hand-written care instructions. If you’re in need of a little greenery, be sure to head down to HEART and give The Green Yard a visit.

Suitably quenched thanks to our voguish watering can and sprayer combo, the plants seem rather fond of their new home and seem great additions to the team.