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Fox Agency heads to FinTech Connect 2019

Fox heads to Fintech Connect 2019

As an agency that predominantly works in the tech space, we need to keep our fingers on the pulses of the latest innovations and trends happening in the market.

With that been said, I recently attended FinTech Connect at the Excel in London to geek out on the latest technology and solutions that are shaping the FinTech ecosystem. It was an extremely busy event, with over 6,000 attendees and exhibitors across digital transformation, blockchain, financial security, RegTech, MarTech and PayTech, plus many other portmanteaus!

Wading through the crowds, I managed to check out a some really interesting talks, including ‘The future of banking’ by Josh Fernandes, Head of Open Banking at Revolut and ‘How Facebook is driving FinTech evolution’ with Catherine Durkin, Head of UK FinTech and Travel.

The main highlight for me at this year’s event, however, was the FinTech Connect App. Available to all attendees, it was a great way to connect and chat with speakers, attendees and exhibitors during and after the event. However, its best feature by far was mining cryptocurrency in exchange for all kinds of prizes. This was done by scanning QR codes at exhibitors’ stands and every time you attended a talk – something I’d never come across before and a fantastic way to both encourage engagement and break the ice with exhibitors.

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