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Fox Agency releases Gravity Forms Google reCaptcha v3 open source add-on

In such a competitive environment, users need to have a seamless and uninterrupted journey across your website. Part of this means ensuring there are almost no barriers to entry when filling in contact forms – too much to do, and you’ll hurt your conversions.

The issue with keeping forms simple is that spam bots are more sophisticated than ever. This means that without decent spam filters, your inbox will likely be littered with rubbish.


Google reCaptcha v2 image picker

The thing is, I don’t believe we should expect users to go through the annoying process of selecting images featuring street signs. Why should they be punished to make our lives easier?

Enter Google reCaptcha v3. No user interaction needed. No pictures shown. Completely lacking user friction. Helping you discern bot from not and act appropriately. Fantastic stuff.

Google reCaptcha v3 was released on 29th October 2018, but unfortunately six months later there is still no built-in integration with Gravity Forms. Here at Fox we are massive advocates of Gravity Forms. It is brilliant at collecting information simply and quickly.

There are several plugins that say they work with Gravity Forms, but I have been unable to find one that does the job properly. This was not good enough, so we decided to build one ourselves.

Completely open source, download our brand-new Google reCaptcha Gravity Forms add-on from Github below.

Download now


Enjoy! If you have any problems, thoughts or recommendations, send us a Pull Request on Github or contact our team.