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Fox Agency staff beat Tough Mudder 2019

Fox Agency staff beat Tough Mudder 2019

It’s important to keep fit, but between free Wednesday PT sessions, free fruit, complimentary cereals and the occasional lunchtime run down the Meanwood Valley Trail, you’d think us Foxes would be pretty set when it came to fitness.

You’d be wrong. A plucky set of the Fox family needed another world to conquer, so with Tough Mudder Yorkshire on the horizon, they trained hard, ate well, then promptly had a mad ‘un at the work summer party the Friday before the event.

Heading to the beautiful, wind-swept grounds of Broughton Hall in Skipton on the Sunday, and experiencing a heady mix of trepidation, excitement and hangover aftershocks, the team nevertheless gave it their all. Overcoming nearly 30 pretty extreme obstacles across the 10-mile course, they finished in just under three hours 40 minutes – not bad at all.

Highlights/moments that explained the lengthy waiver:

  • Ben and Paul creating a two-man ladder for the team on a sloped human pyramid obstacle (rather awkward climb up that one)
  • Lloyd almost falling head-first off the top of a half pipe while selflessly helping lift a rather large gentleman
  • Sam swearing for a minute straight after first being electrocuted on the final challenge
  • The entire team forgetting how to breathe upon being submerged in the aptly named ‘Arctic Enema’
  • Barrelling down a very long, very steep mud slope at 30mph
  • A series of part-submerged rotating cuboids known as the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ (keep scrolling down)
  • So. Many. Varieties. Of. Mud. Such a rainbow of colours and consistencies!

A massive well done to the team – we look forward to seeing the next mad obstacle course you sign up to!

We’re not really into the whole sedentary-office-job thing. Want to work with a bunch of slightly insane people who enjoy putting themselves through the above (but don’t go on about it all the time)? Check out our current job openings.