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Fox Agency wins big at York Races

Last month, we Foxes set off to visit the races for our annual summer festivities. Looking forward to a fun-filled evening of sunshine, frivolity and nail-biting racing excitement, we donned our swankiest threads and headed to York, hoping for a dusky dose of sunshine (much like the picture above) and a serenade by Welsh pop legend Tom Jones. In high spirits, we were feeling lucky!


Alas, as is often the case with betting sports, things didn’t exactly pan out the way we’d have liked. As soon as we arrived, the heavens opened, and a thunderstorm descended on the Knavesmire, confining the team to the Moët tent (not so bad) and grounding Mr Jones’ helicopter (simply terrible). We’re a plucky lot though, so despite the lack of sixties pop, we made the most of the evening with expensive portions of chips and cheese washed down with a tipple or three.


In B2B marketing, you can’t leave anything to chance. Research is the key to success, so it’s fitting that the team’s highest roller, our copywriter Sam, sourced all his picks online the week before the outing, heading home with a respectable £18 – you can’t say we don’t practice what we preach.