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Fox makes it onto The Economist’s Marketing Unbound

Time for a little self-congratulatory pat on the back. Fox Agency has made it onto The Economist’s marketing website, Marketing Unbound. Our Thomas Harrison-Lord recent guest wrote an article entitled “Electrifying Change – Marketing can lead the auto industry’s next big shift.” You can read it right here, right now.

Highlighting the seismic shift in automotive technology, we looked at how marketing will have a massive part to play in not just promoting the new car models, but also the electric way of life. A need to create a desire from a vehicle powered by batteries is what needs to happen over the next 10 years or so before electricity becomes the norm.

It is further testament to our marketing expertise and automotive nous that such an esteemed publication like The Economist used an article written by one of our own. We hope that this leads to further opportunities in the future and we are proud to have been chosen to write such an article. For now, we’d like you to have a read of the piece and while you are at it.

For a future where electric is the only car on the road, there are clearly all sorts of hurdles to overcome. This is where effective marketing comes into play.”