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We’re all winners here.

But some were winning that little bit more at FOX X

As we celebrated our 10th year in true style (quick re-cap for those that missed it) the team gathered – with precautions in place – for the most prestigious of awards ceremonies. Partly because nearly every other award show was cancelled, but mainly because celebrating colleague wins is a better excuse to share a tipple (or two).

Of course, Fox Agency is not just a thing, or an entity – it’s a bunch of clever people doing clever things. Our award ceremony highlighted those who have gone above and beyond, delivering greatness every day and embodying our shared values. At least, that’s what we asked our colleagues to consider when nominating each other.

As the room clutched their chairs (and swag bags), in anticipation of an afternoon filled with glamour and pizazz, we shared some of the achievements we’ve made as an agency over the past few years. Epic growth, new team members, awesome hybrid approach. There was certainly a dash of excitement in the air, as only a select few knew what was to come.

Our values truly represent the type of person we look for at Fox Agency. Intelligent, Positive, Real, Growth Mindset and Committed. Five small terms which mean a great deal to us. With these values at the front of our minds, we can think smart, deliver greatness and work with world-leading clients. Simple.

It wasn’t easy to pin down one person for each category. Many nice things were said about all of our colleagues but someone’s got to win, so here are the scores on the doors…

To value and be valued.

Intelligent: Beatriz Paiva | Account Director

Our bi-lingual Bea has been praised for powering through big workloads at speed, quickly understanding requirements, and always knowing what’s needed. In short, we all hope to be on a project with Bea.


Positive: Milly Bell | Digital Expert

A favourite with clients and colleagues alike, many penned their lovely thoughts about our first graduate appointment. Two years on, Milly is truly a joy to work with and always gives high energy to any and every project she puts her hand to. It was an easy win!


Real: Natalie Noble | Senior Operations Manager

Realness is close to godliness in our eyes. Maybe it’s because she’s from Yorkshire, God’s own county, maybe it’s because she tells it like it is. Either way, Fox Agency oracle Nat is as real as it comes. She gets stuff DONE.


Growth mindset: Chloe Murray | Senior PR Executive

An eye for opportunity and the initiative to grasp it with both hands, Chloe is Fox Agency’s answer to Kris Jenner. She’s charming, productive and always looking forward – we could all do with a Chloe by our side. Bonus points for being a bad-ass dancer.


Committed: Neil Roebuck | Senior Creative

An often-unsung hero of the studio team, Neil embodies everything about being a humble, hard-working individual. And it shows in his output – Neil always gets it right the first time. No matter which department you are in, we all have one thing in common – everyone loves Neil.

That’s a wrap on values! After the ceremony, we took each of our victors to a small room. Here, we commenced the process of extracting and cloning their award-winning qualities. While all that was going on, there were just a few more awards we couldn’t resist sharing.

Room for a little one? Of course! Two big ones, in fact.

Special Recognition over 12 months’ service: Jonathan Stott | Senior Account Manager

Cool, calm and collected. Even in the face of adversity, even when winning. Jonathan is a constant professional with a positive outlook that makes him liked by all. Also received bonus points for organising our 5-a-side football.


Special Recognition under 12 months’ service: Hannah Leadbeater | 3d & Motion Graphics Designer

Bringing experience and enthusiasm by the bucket-load, Hannah is (relatively) new, but has brought some great new 3D video skills to our table. It’s now hard to imagine life at Fox Agency before her.

The hostess with the mostess.

Zoey Woodward | Head of Events and Digital Production

We couldn’t finish the night without giving a special thanks to the person responsible for pulling this whole event together. A diligent, hard-working, understated member of the team – we simply wouldn’t have been there without Zoey… quite literally.

In conclusion…

it should be said that everyone at Fox Agency is intelligent, positive, real, growth-minded and committed in some way or another. Towards the end of the night, there was even more positivity, a commitment to the celebration (and a bit less intelligence – it’s all swings and roundabouts). We wish we could give special recognition to all of the team, but that would be pointless. (Don’t worry, they can still be found on the Fox Agency Hall of Fame aka.


An eventful day and evening at the esteemed FOX X AWARDS. Now, back to the studio (or WFH desk, as you please).