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FOX X Virtual Event

Watch this space for the in-person party

FOX X Virtual Event

Agency years are a bit like dog years. Make it to ten and you’re doing alright.  Agencies that survive a decade have clearly weathered a few storms, made some good decisions, and managed to attract a core team that can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Even though it only feels like three or four years since we started (or 50 or 60 depending on how the week’s been) we were as pleased as punch to reach this major milestone this year.

We gathered all the team online to celebrate the ten years of accomplishments, the bumps in the road and the funny faux pas on a journey through the history of Fox Agency.

Like most agencies, we don’t get much time to reflect, but once we’d signed those papers in a HSBC office in 2011 we opened ourselves up to the fun of running a grown-up full service outfit and committed to making great work for clients. Since then, it’s been a completely crazy ride with little opportunity to slow down for a sniff of the roses.

However, now that we are a genuinely thriving B2B technology agency with a roster of prestigious global clients, I think we’re allowed to be just a wee bit proud. From two people to over 40, a truly worldwide client base which includes some the tech industry’s biggest players, to a portfolio of services covering everything from PR and online events to digital campaigns and lead-gen.

Our online FOX X event to celebrate the ten allowed us to spend quality time with all the new Foxes that have joined since the pandemic began.  Since that fateful lockdown day in March 20, we’ve managed to just about double in headcount as well as pull in some major clients. We’ve made it a policy to only employ nice people, so we all enjoyed hanging out as well as taking part in a very special live quiz (hosted by a member of the band Shed Seven, no less).

And as no anniversary is complete with opening a bottle, we sent vino and snacks to everyone enabling them all to join in the toast. I’d like to say that non-alcoholic options were included, but they weren’t. So I won’t.

As we look forward to the next ten years, we’ll strive to deliver even more greatness for our clients, whilst continuing to value the hard work and commitment of our wonderful team. Our focus on wellness means that we’re continually offering new initiatives that we hope will make the mental and physical health of the team as good as it can be and make working here more enjoyable.

The tech space is an exciting place to be right now, we can only imagine what the future will bring; but one thing is for sure, we’re ready to find out.