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Going further and faster with Beyond Now

Ecosystem orchestration and digital platforms are Beyond Now’s expertise. Ours? All things tech and integrated marketing. Marry the two, and you get an epic global brand launch.

Getting it right  

A brand launch is a rare opportunity to present your organisation to the world in a completely new and exciting way. It’s your chance to hit the market with a unique offering, creating plenty of noise and captivating your target audience. 

But it’s no easy process. It takes time to get it right – we’re talking months of it – precise planning, and perhaps most importantly, dedication from all involved. 

So, choosing who helps your brand orchestrate the launch is no easy feat. You need bags of trust and belief that their vision aligns with yours. 


Further, faster, Beyond Now 

Workingwithin the technology sector, we hear about the future almost daily. The industry’s thoughts are always on the latest tech, what’s big, what’s bigger, and when it’ll land. And then it’s onto the next. 

Sometimes, it can feel like if you blink, you’ll miss something – this is where Beyond Now steps in. Supporting organisations to keep up with the pace of the latest innovations through ecosystem collaboration, they connect the now with the future.  

Following a recent management buyout from BearingPoint in 2021, Beyond Now decided to relaunch the brand. Having collaborated with Fox Agency during 2021 on projects such as Accelerators, Beyond Now trusted our team to define, create, and deliver its global brand launch. 

Strategy, development, content

A launch is a logical process. Each one will look different – back to the drawing board if not – but the process behind it is similar. Defining a brand strategy is essential. Then, it’s time to get the rest of the team stuck in.  

For Beyond Now, Fox Agency created a whole new identity, including name, logo, and brand – managed across web, social and video content. For a project such as this, almost every team in the agency really does get involved.


What’s next?

Importantly, it doesn’t stop there. Our team is ready to build on the momentum and will continue working to strengthen the new brand’s market proposition. Through an awareness campaign, we plan to target specific audiences, driving opportunities in the telecommunications and technology sectors.


Delivering results

Let’s talk about dedication again. While it might not be our launch, we treat it as our own – it’s this commitment that delivers results.  

For Beyond Now, it did exactly that, with Michal Harris, Head of Marketing at Beyond Now, calling us the ‘perfect partner’ referencing the ‘great results and fantastic feedback’ from the launch. It’s the kind of feedback we’ll treasure for years and what spurs on to deliver outstanding results.