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IFS Unleashed: where innovation goes to be seen

After months of planning and anticipation, Fox Agency joined Arcwide to unveil the new IFS Cloud consultant heavyweight at IFS Unleashed. Which happened to be at South Beach, Miami. What a place to start. This blog details how we took Arcwide to the global stage in style.

IFS Unleashed Arcwide branded pedicab.

When it comes to a new brand, first impressions really do count. And whilst Arcwide may be new to the IFS cloud implementation market, they have all the experience of a well-established brand. So, how do you say “we have all the tenacity of a kick-starter, and the wisdom of a deep-rooted enterprise” to thousands of people for the first time?



Arcwide is a joint venture, founded in April 2022, that unites world-class consultancy from BearingPoint with IFS Cloud innovation. With this unique proposition, Arcwide can provide a complete end-to-end consultancy service and offer tailored software solutions to businesses across several strategic verticals.

IFS Unleashed is an annual opportunity for IFS to showcase its market-leading products, latest developments, and valuable insight to the world. As Arcwide is a key partner of IFS, the event was perfectly timed to introduce the new brand as a Diamond Sponsor of the event. Arcwide then turned to Fox Agency to make serious waves.

IFS Unleashed Arcwide stand.
IFS Unleashed Arcwide brochure.

Prep, prep, and more prep

We have enough experience to know that global conferences don’t just happen. At the drawing board, our team took a deep dive into what we wanted Arcwide to achieve at the event. With sights set firmly on brand awareness, we then took every creative opportunity (and then some) to make it known that Arcwide had arrived, to ‘Accelerate Your Ambition’. Think branded goody bags, a real-time mural with a local artist, and branded pedicabs to keep attendees out of the sweltering heat.

And it wasn’t just the physical space we had in mind. Our digital experts also took over virtually. Before, during, and after the event we published a series of geo-targeted adverts, alongside paid and organic social media content.

With a new brand on the table, this huge sponsorship opportunity, lots of moving parts (and Miami South Beach waiting), we thought it best to head over there, in person, to make sure everything ran smoothly. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

IFS Unleashed Arcwide mural.

Seeing it all come to life

After months of meetings, creative sprints and liaising with event organisers, it was fantastic to see our brand experience come to life. Arcwide was unmissable throughout the week, as the bright pink branding made its way to the main stages, on our outdoor pedicabs, and across the world in the form of branded tote bags filled with goodies.

One particular highlight was the mural, created by local artist Rei. Attendees were invited to share what business ambition meant to them, and by the end of the event, we had a full mural of inspirational words. The piece now proudly sits in our client’s Paris office, giving the team real insight into what customers are looking to achieve.

We also supported Arcwide with a series of presentations, held throughout the week. The first was an introduction from COO Andy Green on the main stage on day one. Then, Arcwide experts brought a use-case to the crowds, sharing how IFS can intelligently connect IoT devices. Specifically, connected turbines (complete with miniature replicas!).

And, of course, if you didn’t post a play-by-play on social media, did it even happen? Arcwide was the go-to for all things IFS Unleashed in the online space, with real-time engagement from the biggest names in attendance.


The proof is in the Key Lime Pie

Whilst Arcwide was there to introduce themselves, leads are also nice. And they were in abundance, which goes to show how (when you get it right) brand marketing really works. By the end of the week, the team had hundreds of new partnership opportunities. More to the point, the Arcwide name had reached tens of thousands of people.


It’s what we do

Delivering on world-class events is just part of the norm here at Fox Agency. So much so, we have a dedicated team for just that, who work in tandem with the entire agency across creative, digital, and PR. Together, we can maximise your impact potential at any event.