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Is Apple set to lead the changing face of media?

Apple has a long history of revolutionising industries and product categories – often creating them from thin air. More recently, however, Apple has set its sights on an industry in fast decline – the media.

As an agency that is rooted in PR, we sat up and took notice when Apple poached editor, Michael Rundle, to lead its tech coverage out of the UK, as The Drum reports.

With the recent attempt to re-imagine how radio works in the 21st century, with Beats 1 (and more to come) and the now pivoted strategy for the News app towards curated stories, we’re betting Apple are on the verge of changing how we think of media consumption.

Of course, their endeavours in this area haven’t gone down well so far, but with hires such as this, Rundle for news, Lowe for radio, then it’s a good possibility that Apple will prevail in remaking the media.

Either way, we’ll be watching.