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The July musings in Fox Agency culture

July seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye and suddenly we are over half-way through 2021. Did you know that it was world emoji day on the 17th July? Neither did we, though as much as we love a good emoji, we don’t think we missed a great deal. At the end of the month, restrictions eased up a bit more for people traveling to the UK from Europe and vice versa, and the Olympics started in Tokyo!

Who doesn’t need a distraction from their busy work life? Enter the Fox Agency Friday email, comprised of random articles, animal videos/facts and more recently, some very strange new food combos. Anyway, sit back with a brew and enjoy the best of July’s emails.

A blast from the past…

This month Tik Tok featured a variety of people showing us their unusual jobs. Though one of the cooler jobs we have seen this month is this woman, who went to save a colony of bees imprisoned under some decking. Though we are all for the conservation of our little buzzy friends; that looks MENTAL. Speaking of conservation, Coca Cola has finally converted to bottles made from recycled plastic! Long time coming but thank goodness.

Looking after the planet is high on our priorities but we need to look after ourselves too. Check out these twin Drs who are taking other peoples “Drs advice”, making it funny but also giving out real advice in the handy captions. Take look.

Ever wondered about eating too much of a certain food and turning into it? We’ve watched this next video on repeat, the transition is seamless and who doesn’t love having a head-full of minion voice shouting BANANA?!

Next up, these brilliant dogs, whose sole job is to comfort people in times of need. They don’t charge for the service and are just there to provide snuggles. What a lovely thing to do. Shout out to them and the humans who make it possible.

And if you need a little more good news from around the world, here is a quick round up. On the goat thing, we did investigate. How do goats stop fires? Well essentially…cos they eat everything that would usually burn in wildfires.

Food for thought. We don’t really want to give this too much thought, as it is a crime against food but Kraft has produced Mac n Cheese ice-cream. The first question that entered our mind was why? So, we had a Fox Agency poll…with most people opting for the “pass me the bucket, think I might hurl!” option.

Moving on. We had loads of great things happen at Fox Agency over the last month, so here is a snapshot of some of the team shoutouts we shared. PR team for securing some “outstanding” opportunities for our clients, to the Accelerators podcast team for a brilliant podcast launch, the Digital team for smashing H1 targets, Studio for continuing to create outstanding content, and the TruNarrative client team whose work received glowing client praise!

That’s all folks

We could go on and on, but we’ve got greatness to deliver and should let you go about your business too. Keep a look out for the best bits of August’s Friday emails, coming to a blog near you soon. If you like what you see and want to find out more about the fun stuff Fox Agency gets up to, including our work in B2B tech and career opportunities, why not drop us a message?