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The June musings in Fox Agency culture

As always, June was filled with Pride and rainbows, and we loved it. At Fox Agency we were also very proud to celebrate our tenth anniversary with our FOX X event. Unfortunately, the in-person party has been postponed to the latter half of the year, due to current restrictions. However, never ones to let the moment pass, we still enjoyed a virtual event, with a quiz hosted by Shed Seven’s Alan Leach no less.

Throughout June, and every month really, we’ve needed some distractions from our busy work lives. Enter the Fox Agency Friday email, which comprises of random articles (some work related), team shout outs and yes, a lot of animal content. Sit back and enjoy the best of June’s emails.

A blast from the past…

Did you know that the colours in the pride flag actually have meaning behind them? We knew there were meanings but we didn’t know all the deets, so check them out:


You might see some flags that have black and brown now incorporated in them, black is for diversity and brown is for inclusion! So, there you are, every day is a school day. 🌈 Of course the symbol of the rainbow has been used today for the NHS as well, though that is more the traditional rainbow colours. The meaning behind a rainbow is quite beautiful really, as they often appear as a consequence of light shining through clouds or rain. Even in the darkness, with a little light, something beautiful can emerge. Sweet thought, right?

Life can be so cOnFuSiNg and complicated sometimes. Enter the world of the “life hack” vloggers, whose aim is to make our lives easier by showing us simple things. Only…sometimes the hack takes l o n g e r than the actual task. This guy has had enough and is calling it out. Fair play we say. We definitely will not be putting a bunch of straws in the vacuum.

June was full of joy, just look at these men becoming dads and the overwhelming joy that is so evidently clear.

Or how about these kids, who learnt to sing happy birthday to their janitor. Cute right? But not that special? Happy birthday isn’t a hard song to learn. But it is when you learn it in sign language. Which is exactly what they did ❤ and the reaction is just so lovely. Another cool thing we found, also about sign language, is that this man has made something that will recognise hand signals to translate them! Have a look at him signing his name.

These parents understood that although pride is a source of joy, not everyone has had an easy journey to find pride. And that maybe some folks just need a parental hug. They absolutely rocked it. You can check out the full post, but we WILL NOT be held responsible for any tears which follow. What beautiful humans. 🏳‍🌈🌈

We kind of love this post too. Derry decided to see how kids would react to her in drag. Which is pretty brave as kids can be brutal but actually, they were all really positive, which is fab to see.

Finally, check out these women who shut down sexist interview questions in the best ways. One of our favourite shut downs actually came from Andy Murray, in an interview where the journalist didn’t acknowledge the success of female players. Well played Andy.

We welcomed tonnes of new members to the team this month and our Foxy Shoutouts were off the chart. Everyone has been working full kilter to deliver greatness for our clients. From the BOBST team who delivered BOBST Days and got amazing feedback from the client. To the TruNarrative team for their work on some pretty hefty documents. To the PR team for achieving some key coverage and finally the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise team for continuing to smash it throughout H1. High fives all round!

That’s all folks

We will leave it there for now, and let you get back to your day. But look out for the best bits of July’s Friday emails, coming to a blog near you soon. And if you’d like to find out more about the fun stuff Fox Agency gets up to, including our work in B2B tech, why not drop us a message?