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The May musings in Fox Agency culture

Another month has rolled on by and we are now half way through the year if you can believe it.


We know what you’re thinking…We JUST had March right? At least the sun is now shining and we have some semblance of normality creeping back in. Still not feeling it?  

Enter, your welcome distraction. The Fox Agency Friday email comprises fun articles, team shout outs and yes, even a cheeky cat video or two. And the best of May edition is here for your enjoyment.  

Take a look at the best May had to offer and keep an eye out for the next edition of email amusement. Stick Teams on mute and indulge in a little Fox Agency culture.

A blast from the past…

During May, the world was opening up a little more and the sun even made an appearance. And believe us, if you live in the UK this a very rare occurrence indeed and something to be celebrated, for sure.

Something else we celebrated this month was Dove’s campaign to strip back the selfie. Dove has long been known for their campaigns to change beauty standards and bring real people into ads to show that beauty can come from anywhere. They have now taken on the effects of social media, mainly aimed at teenagers, in their Reverse Selfie campaign. It’s a simple video, but it’s very powerful. The message – you are beautiful as you are! 

We also had multiple shout outs to all our new starters this month! Fox Agency is growing and we are now a team of 40, based all across the country! Plus, there are still roles to be filled so take a look and get it touch if you’re interested in joining our awesome team. We’re looking for the best talent, regardless of where you are, we’re great at making remote newbies feel welcome so what are you waiting for?

May also featured Mental Health Awareness week which was a great time to stop and appreciate that our brains are constantly busy. Even when we are resting, our minds are keeping us breathing, telling us if we’re too hot or too cold, pumping blood round our bodies and just generally being incredible. It’s no wonder they get tired! Add on top of that all of those emotions and thoughts that whirl around inside us too. Brains are so cool. Freaky. But cool. Why are we talking about brains? Well, because it’s so important to look after them. Your mind looks after your whole being, so it’s important to be kind to it. Even when it’s being a bit of a dick and making us feel down or stressed or anxious. There are ways to help when things get a bit much though, check out the Mind website for a few ideas!  

One way to help clear your mind is to get back outside and see people, as demonstrated in this top-notch piece of marketing by Extra in the form of their new ad. However, we are in no way advocating using gum instead of brushing twice a day, especially if you are heading to see other people!  

Dental hygiene aside, at Fox Agency we also try and educate our team in areas of diversity. Did you know that some of the things that we use every day were invented by BAME women? Cool right? Lego has launched a new set of characters to support the LGBTQ+ community, and there is even a character with a big ol’ wig to support drag, with the message that Everyone is Awesome! (I bet you have the song stuck in your head now. If you know, you KNOW)! 

And finally, some love from the animal kingdom, because, who doesn’t love animals?! Like this baby giraffe playing with its own shadow! How cute is that?!  And speaking of cute, LOOK AT THE TINY PUPPY! Slight animal theme…but there is more good news for the animal population as porpoises are on the rise! Final animal one, we promise… did you know that penguins purr?! Look at this cutie going for a cuddle and LOVING it.

So that’s all folks

That’s probably enough for now, or we will be here all day. But look out for the best bits of June’s Friday emails, coming to a blog near you soon. And if you’d like to find out more about the fun stuff Fox Agency gets up to, including our work in B2B tech, why not drop us a message