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Nat’s Fringe blog

Natalie at Fox headed up to the Edinburgh fringe in August – as she has done for many years. If you have never been, here is a wee review of her 2013 Edinburgh experiences.

Nat’s Blog

So once again we braved the North and headed for the world’s largest arts festival The Fringe, which happens every August in my husband’s home city of Edinburgh.

This year we decided to try some of the children’s events, so off we trotted to the Pleasance to investigate its arts & crafts area. Here we were soon touted (it’s part of the fringe, so you have to deal with the fact that this will happen) to see the ‘I hate Children, Childrens Show’. With the promise of free booze for the parents, I was in.  A hilariously funny magic show with maximum audience participation, we left with free t-shirts, balloons and extremely happy children (and equally happy parents).

Later meandering down the Royal Mile we took in the usual great sights and street performers – being people watchers we love this part, and this year our particular favourites were the head-less lady and Predator.

Even an ad-hoc walk up Arthur’s Seat culminated with us catching the tail-end of a gig at the summit.   It’s quite bizarre hearing a Proclaimers song being performed on top of a volcano!

Of course we adults had to have a ‘child-free’ wander, so we toured the Underbelly in the hope of finding the next Peter Kay, but alas not this year. However we did meet some great people and had endless fun.

Edinburgh is always worth a visit if you’re free in August.  It has it all and a little bit more.