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New year, new brand: Fox Agency’s rebrand brief

New Year, new brand! Fox Agency's rebrand brief

Here at fox, we are creative, energetic and innovative. And, importantly, we’re ambitious.

We’ve been growing for nine years now on the back of our reputation for delivering results. However, as we have grown, so has our ambition. To keep up with our goals as a company, we need to ensure our brand truly represents who we are and what we have to offer. We have an exciting vision, and a clear strategy – all we need now is a clear brand that conveys these fully.

With all this in mind, and now a year into a five-year growth strategy, we’re *finally* getting around to our long-discussed rebrand! To give you an insight into our process, here is our creative brief. This is what we have given our team in order to create a true and representative rebrand.


The brief

We’re aiming high, targeting tech – and we need a brand that truly conveys our identity, and helps us to stand apart.

Now we’re about to lift off into another orbit, with a new vision and clear strategy. Our agency of the future will embrace digital, content, PR, insight and creativity to deliver the world’s smartest campaigns, for world-leading B2B brands.

Our new strategy

Our new agency strategy, presented to the team back in April 2019, is based around our new Mission/Motto/Mantra, Brand Values and Agency Positioning – all developed and honed under the expertise of Seasoned Pro, David Crawford.

Our mission – why we exist

Delivering the world’s smartest campaigns for world-leading clients

Our motto – what we promise clients

Think smart, deliver greatness

Our mantra – our attitude

Make greatness happen

Our values

  • Growth mindset
  • Committed
  • Real
  • Positive
  • Intelligent

We’re an integrated agency providing digital, content, PR, insight and creative, and we deliver the world’s smartest campaigns, for world leading B2B brands. We pride ourselves on our thinking: think smart, deliver greatness.

What do we mean by ‘think smart’?

You can think the same way as everyone else, in which case the best you hope for is a draw. Or, you can think quicker, bigger and brighter, so you achieve more, better, and faster. It’s about using our expertise and intelligence, and asking the question, what if…?

What do we mean by ‘deliver greatness’?

We want to work with ambitious people and world-leading businesses. Greatness is their benchmark, aiming to be outstanding, brilliant, genius and awesome. That’s our goal for every campaign we create, and we should move heaven and earth to deliver it.

Audience – who are we talking to?

Clients – Existing ones, new ones. People that make things happen in growing, forward-thinking B2B businesses with money to invest in marketing and brand. More often than not, they’ll be in the tech sector.

Employees – Current team, and future recruits: smart, ambitious people in creative, digital, marketing and business in general. People who want to grow with an exciting agency.

Partners and allies – Like-minded businesses with complementary expertise. People whom we can work with to create and convert opportunities.

Peers – People of profile and influence, in the realm of B2B agencies, creativity and tech.

Outcome – after this, what do we want them to do, think or feel?

We want to radiate serious energy, reaffirming that Fox is a major, smart and disruptive player in the world of B2B marketing. We want to sit among the biggest and the best players in the industry – and our branding needs to reflect that.

Any other relevant information?

Digital is normal, and continually evolving. In the future, it will play a major part in almost everything we do. But we will combine it with creativity, PR, insight, traditional media, and our B2B expertise to deliver smart campaigns.

And by the way, let’s not look to the Leeds scene, or cute, boutique social media agencies and the like – our target peer group is major players in the national and worldwide agency scene – B2B agency powerhouses, as well as tech businesses, and other leaders in the digital world.

Specifically, what do we need to produce?

We need ideas for a complete brand identity that fully conveys our Mission, Motto, Mantra and Values in everything we do. It’s all up for grabs, except our name: Fox Agency – although we even need clarity on how we present this. Is it Fox? Fox Agency? The Fox Agency?

Key things to think about

  • Logo, type and colours.
  • A graphical system that helps us to create effective and consistent marketing material including presentations and proposals, case studies, social, and our website.
  • How do we achieve a consistent brand that isn’t a boring straitjacket, and gives us the freedom to be continually creative and interesting?

Guiding principles

  • Think big
  • Think tech
  • Think creative
  • Think future
  • Think different
  • Think smart
  • Make greatness happen!

What next?

  • The first steps are to create big concepts with substance and legs.
  • Then, we’ll move on to produce a couple of fancied routes developed in more detail.
  • Finally – it’s time for the chosen one. This will be fully thought through and delivered through the full set of materials (yet to be decided).

Fingers-crossed, we will have our shiny-new brand to launch in January 2020. You can certainly be the judge of whether we nailed our own brief (or not).

Big things are coming – contact our team to learn how you can be a part of them!