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The best of November and December musings in Fox Agency culture

November and December were busy months, both in the world and in Fox Agency. With the festive season starting in full swing, it was even more important to have ten minutes to ourselves. Enter the Fox Agency Friday email. Check out the best bits of November and December in this bumper issue!

A blast from the past…

Of course, we had to sum up the best looks from Halloween! Have a look at some of the best celeb costumes from this year. Personally, we loved Lizzo as baby Yoda! There were also some great Halloween creatives in ad land as well, though we don’t see why Nike are on the list? Or how about this Halloween/creepy reel which is fab. We may have watched it multiple times. Still creepy.

Let’s move away from creepy and look at some cool stuff. Starting with some street art from France. How amazing are these Lego bollards?! Ever wondered how to be cooler and fit in with the fashionable crowd? Or have you ever looked at fashion and just thought to yourself, what the FCUK is that? Well, this IG woman has the inside scoop.

Have a read of this poem, which is one of the hardest English poems, and let me know how far you get before you give up. For anyone learning English…we’re sorry! We don’t get it either.

We all know branding is important, and one time of the year that really shows this is the battle of the Christmas ads. Who won Christmas this year? Who do you think, have a look at this year’s adverts. There is a town in the US that turns their children’s drawings into their town Christmas lights! There is even a T-Rex Christmas tree! HOW COOL IS THAT?

There is a new show coming out on Amazon Prime, for which they have done a 3D outdoor ad in London, which looks amazing. Have a look here!

It definitely got colder in December (she says sat in a blanket whilst typing this…). That meant that people have been out gritting the roads, with one truck adding this amazing decoration to the back of their salt gritter. If you don’t know the reference, then firstly WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, but secondly here it is.

Check out this fun way that Monzo have presented their data findings. Doesn’t sound fun but trust us, it’s good. For anyone in the age group of 25-39, prepare to feel seen. Check out the rest of them for a laugh. The hashtag is #MonzosVeryImportant2021DataThing and it’s a great way of showing data in a more interesting way to get people’s attention.

We also had some weird stuff going on in Chloe’s Café Corner… we weren’t sure how we felt about this one being called a mayonnaise if we’re being really honest. But Heinz and Terry’s Chocolate Orange teamed up. No. You didn’t misread it. It’s a mayo. Check it out.

In our last Friday email of December alone we had 34 shoutouts for people in Fox Agency. From welcoming new starters, to smashing KPI’s, to filming in France and producing  fantastic creatives, to sharing a sense of humour and for an all round smashing 2021. We’re looking forward to 2022!


That’s all folks

We could go on for hours, but we’ve got greatness to keep delivering. Keep a look out for the best bits of January’s Friday emails, coming to a blog near you soon. If you like what you see and want to find out more about the fun stuff Fox Agency gets up to, including our work in B2B tech and career opportunities, why not drop us a message?