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The October musings in Fox Agency culture

November is ending and the Christmas ads are on! October seemed to go in a flash but let’s slow down a little and just recap the best that October had to offer!


A blast from the past…

A hot topic in the digital team this week has been managing time and stress levels. Oft times it feels as though everything always comes through at once, both at work and in life in general. Michael (the Head of Digital here at Fox) showed us this TED talk by an ER doctor on how we will never have to say that we are “crazy busy” any more, and honestly, if we can implement this, things will go so much smoother.

The Spice Girls are a hot topic at the moment. If you haven’t watched the channel four documentary series yet, then why not?! I mean…I need to watch part three but still. ANYWAY…Posh Spice has a weird way of having a “break” from her clean eating which she revealed on a podcast recently. Not sure she got the memo on what a real cheat day consists of.

Speaking of 90s trends, for all you 90s babies out there, and anyone who loves a good 90s film, here are some fun facts behind them!

We have made it through another Facebook (Meta? Facebook? Who knows) meltdown, and the world didn’t end! Though it may have felt like it to some:

Innocent weren’t the only ones to start making memes and comments about it either. Check out some of the best here. There were a couple of Squid Game references as well…from Aldi and even Netflix got involved. If you haven’t watched the show yet, I would recommend it. It is a bit dark so maybe take some breaks, but it is good.

With Halloween being a key event in October Chloe found us a festive reference this time, and a slightly different take on the usual weird food articles. Hands up. Who would need this merch?

With Halloween there were some cracking outfits, even before the official day. These dogs are so cute in theirs. There was also some cool creative coming out from the big brands, have a look at some of them here.

Ever wondered how your email sounds when you sign off? Well, maybe it’s time to get creative in the way we sign off emails! Check these out. Which one will you be using from now on?

What is the nicest thing someone has done for you, or you have done for someone else? Have a look at some of these nice things for a boost and reminder that people can be good. Not only people…pets are at it too!

Lets not forget that in October, we were finally able to have our big Fox X event, celebrating 10 years of Fox greatness! As you can image, a lot of the shoutouts for October were around the event organisation, but we had some pretty nice things to say about each other too. In fact we had an 8 minute reel of all the positive feedback we put forward. Including being made to feel welcome, learning, always making time for others, remaining upbeat and positive through demanding projects and never being afraid to get stuck in!

That’s all folks

We could go on for hours, but we’ve got greatness to keep delivering. Keep a look out for the best bits of November’s Friday emails, coming to a blog near you soon. If you like what you see and want to find out more about the fun stuff Fox Agency gets up to, including our work in B2B tech and career opportunities, why not drop us a message?