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Our first month at Fox Agency

Starting a new job is rarely a complete walk in the park, but the trials and tribulations we encounter when settling into new roles differ depending on a whole host of factors. So, what was it like for us Foxes? Were we all fretting about the same stuff when took our first tentative steps into the den?

Here are some of the team’s first experiences joining the Fox Agency team.


“Chain smoking whilst pacing outside our shared office in Leeds city centre, wondering where the next client and project would come from… plus how the hell I was going to pay myself that month…”


“Fox Agency’s launch in 2011 coincided with a period when many organisations realised they couldn’t ignore social media any longer. Suddenly everyone wanted a piece of the action, our clients included.

“That first month at Fox Agency saw me frantically creating and managing social media accounts – which are still going from strength to strength now. Today, it’s great to look at those same accounts and say to the young ‘uns, “By eck, I remember them when they were all fields”.”


“Sitting on a completely rubbish, wobbly Ikea chair, in a room that was a cross between a large prison cell and a small warehouse, but completely believing (most of the time) that things would only get better!”


“I remember carrying my 27-inch iMac into work every day when working from our first office in the centre of Leeds. Here’s to the crazy ones.”


“I started on a Friday during holiday season and no one was around, so I spent my first week getting used to the company’s clients and processes in a relatively silent office – useful at the time, but not something I’ve experienced since!”


“Having worked predominantly in-house after graduating, I truly didn’t know what to expect from life at a marketing agency. Over the past year and a half I’ve met some very talented people, faced new challenges, learnt a lot and had a lot of fun along the way.”


“I was sat at a table that I shared with a massive printer, and every now and again someone would walk past and mistakenly bang the door against my chair. Thankfully, the thought of learning more and making better websites kept me going!”


“Aside from getting to grips with the agency and getting my head down, I do remember thinking “why is Hatty eating a chicken thigh at 10:30am?”


“For me, it was all about adjusting from freelancing to permanent office life, while occasionally wondering whether turning down a job in Switzerland to work in Headingley was a good plan. Turns out I made the right choice!”


“While my first month feels like a lifetime ago – back when there were just three Foxes – I remember hitting the ground running at a friendly agency where no two days were the same, from creating strange alien mascots to chocolate Olympic medals (I kid you not). Fun times!”


“Honestly, it was rather quiet! What with Al and David working from home and Ben out on important business, a few days a week I was in the studio on my own. As a guy who likes being left alone with a website and a suite of SEO analysis tools, it’s fair to say those moments were bliss.”


“I joined the week of the Fox 2017 Christmas party – a great way to find out more about my new colleagues (and assess their drinking stamina), while trying not to make a complete t*t of myself. The rest of my first month was spent meeting clients, getting under the skin of their businesses and 2018 PR planning.”

Emma N

“Equal parts exciting and terrifying, I wondered how I was going to keep up, creatively and physically – the agency’s complimentary PT sessions featured a few more burpees than I was used to!”

Emma J

“I got to know my team through whole group chats about whether the building is haunted and whether we’re in the matrix, got stuck into PT for one session but was crippled for 3 weeks afterwards (never again…), and enjoyed the agency summer BBQ. Good times – the weather was atrocious so we just lurked in the room and played cards against humanity!”


“I was excited, yet a little nervous, to be entering the B2B realm, hoping that my primarily B2C experience would be of use. Turns out it was!”


So, there you have it – Foxes are people too! Find out more about our team and how we do business or contact us to find out how we can help you make strides in the B2B world.