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Putting mental well-being on the workplace agenda with Plumm

Workplace wellbeing has never been more important. Yet, according to Plumm’s recent survey, more than 80% of employers are unaware of, or do not have an employee assistance programme (EAP). This statistic highlights the need to change how we approach workplace mental health, and Plumm’s solution is designed to make easy-to-use wellbeing services available to all.

With ambitions to make wellbeing services accessible on a global scale, Plumm turned to the Fox Agency PR team to build awareness of its mission – and they haven’t looked back since. This year alone we secured huge-scale readership opportunities in the BBC and Metro. At the same time, we’ve focused efforts on industry-specific titles such as Healthline. There’s more to come as we not only raise awareness – but change perceptions on mental health for good.


Conversations with Plumm

In the past few years, we’ve all become a bit more human, and that’s no bad thing. In fact, this has meant a brave face is no longer seen as the antidote to declining mental health. And let’s be honest, it should never have been. Instead, the workplace (whether digital or physical) is increasingly recognised as a safe space to confide in when times are tough. Now, HR departments are on the hunt to engage their workforce and support these efforts.

This is where Plumm comes in. But what about Fox Agency?

Despite recent developments, for some, the stigma surrounding mental health is alive and well. Far from being a “nice to have,” our work puts workplace wellbeing on the map. The Fox Agency team coordinates Plumm’s global press activity, including presence in the UAE and beyond. The goal is to make the brand a go-to for preventative, interventive, and personal development services at work.

The realm of health-tech

While the services of Plumm rely on expert therapists and coaches, technology plays a huge role behind the scenes. Using cloud-based SaaS, the solution offers on-demand mental health support and (completely anonymous) engagement reporting. This means HR departments can truly assess business-wide welfare and implement supporting strategies at speed.

Then, automated services such as appointment reminders and subscription plans as well as live chat (with a human) take the legwork out of therapist admin and put recipients first – as it should be.

Care in a click

Accessible care is at the heart of Plumm’s mission – and now it’s ours. We are delighted to be expanding our work in the health tech sector. But, more importantly, the team are completely on board with the brand’s vision for the future of wellbeing. The results speak for themselves, as Taryn Levine, Head of Marketing at Plumm, comments:

“We’ve only had positive comments and a positive experience working with the Fox Agency Team so far. I’ve worked with many service providers over my 12+ year career, and Fox Agency is really the first agency to proactively deliver consistently, with impeccable attention to detail, and so much enthusiasm.”

Plumm is partnering with Fox Agency at a time of immense growth, with plenty of new recruits across the agency. In addition, Plumm is one of several client wins in the past 12 months, expanding our B2B tech realm across hospitality, photogrammetry, healthcare and more.