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Putting people first: a Q&A with Emma, Head of People

Fox Agency is growing, with more creative folk than ever we had before. So, it only seems right we ensure they are looked after in the best way we know how. The woman for the job? Emma - our new, (very) experienced Head of People.

Emma our new Head of People

There are some big changes on the horizon here at Fox Agency. Better than (another) bank holiday. More exciting than the latest tech event. Almost as thrilling as an all-agency get together. Emma’s new role has landed at the perfect time to breathe new life into the way we do… well, everything. We caught up on all things people with our latest recruit.

Why Fox Agency?

It’s the culture! Agency life is so refreshing, but at Fox Agency, it’s turned up a notch. Brilliant, talented and creative people, working with global technology changemakers. It’s an exciting place to be. Alongside the people, there is this fantastic opportunity here. A chance to make a mark at a business with huge ambitions for the immediate and long-term future. As far as my role goes, it’s a completely blank canvas – the team are open to anything, and what more could you ask for?

So, Emma… what’s the plan?

It helps to set the scene here. Fox Agency is soon to be over the 50+ mark of employees (and quickly growing beyond). So, we’re at the point of setting processes to build onward and upwards with consistency. It’s very common for most businesses to think, at this stage, a Recruiter or Talent Manager is the next important hire. However, it’s much smarter to hire a Head of People to help embed structure early on. Ultimately, our people drive the future of the business. This is why it’s so important for us to make them feel supported and secure.

In terms of immediate plans, a bit more structure is top of the list. While Fox Agency has a lot of ambition, so does our team, and it’s only fair they have a crystal-clear view of what their role is, and insight into our shared plans for the future. Performance management is key to this, so everyone feels empowered and completely in the know, especially as we take on more clients, projects, and people. We are also investing in the right software to help achieve our goals. This only seems fitting at a B2B tech agency, right? We’re putting everything ‘people’ under one roof using a solid HR platform while streamlining recruitment with a dedicated ATS (applicant tracking system).

There’s also the much more inspired side of HR, which is where our company values come in. There’s going to be a big focus on these over the coming months, as we reignite and develop our values, embedding them into everything we do.

Sounds like a lot of change. So, how will we know we’re getting it right?

We ask, and (more importantly), we listen. Feedback is a gift, after all. Regular eNPS and happiness surveys are key to ensuring we are on the right track, and we plan to make full use of this invaluable data. Our turnover rate will be under constant review, alongside setting a budget aside to celebrate long service. We will also always be on the lookout for exciting new benefits and perks. You know, ones that the team will actually use. Then, we discuss it all during regular catch-ups at a director level. This means any changes are implemented at speed. Finally, we encourage a completely open-door policy, where honesty is cherished, and people feel comfortable sharing how they feel. Especially important at pivotal stages in our employee’s Fox Agency career.

What are your plans to make people feel supported and valued?

It’s all about learning. The worlds of tech and marketing are quickly evolving, so we must develop too. This year many members of the Fox Agency team have toured some of the latest and greatest tech events in the tech world (read all about that here). This investment shows how seriously we take personal development. Moving forward, all employees will have a detailed succession plan that will help them to grow within their roles and the company. The team will also have the opportunity to delve into shared learning – through workshops, mentoring and talks.

However, it’s not all work and no play. We are very passionate about promoting a work/life balance, offering weekly online PT sessions, team sports, access to health and diet plans and a 24-hour helpline for any of life’s issues.

Last question – recruitment is so competitive right now, how will you help Fox Agency cut through the noise?

It’s true that the market is competitive, but I don’t believe this is due to a lack of people. LinkedIn and recruiters alike are teeming with gifted creatives and strategists, but things have changed. They’re looking for more. After the long stint at home, the fourth wall has been broken and employees are seeing exactly what’s on the other side. We don’t have any intention of shutting doors again, and why should we? A transparent and flexible approach to home working has helped us get some of the best national (and even international) talent through our virtual door.


Speaking of which, use the link below to head over to our careers page and find a few of our latest available roles.