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Revolutionising the hospitality industry with RendezVerse

We’ve thought about it, talked about it and plenty of the team have dipped their toes in it. Now, it’s official. Fox Agency is working in the metaverse. Specifically, the hotel and events metaverse. Following a competitive pitch for the hospitality disrupter, RendezVerse has appointed Fox Agency to deliver a launch with global impact. And fortunately, that's our strong point.

Hospitality industry with RendezVerse

For many years, the hospitality industry has been sitting on the fringe of Web3 technology. Until now.  RendezVerse is taking the best of latest web developments (think metaverse, digital twins and VR), and bringing them to the doors of leading venues throughout the world. By doing this, the innovative brand puts venues, service providers and event specialists front and centre in the next generation of web technology.

They met on the internet

The concept of meeting on the web is nothing new. But in the world of hospitality things are a little different. When putting together an event of any scale, everyone involved needs to understand the space they’re working with. In these times, descriptions and images don’t always show the full picture. With RendezVerse, hospitality insiders can connect with one another. Most importantly, in the space they plan to pull off an event.

Looking beyond B2B, a complete open-door approach is hailed to become the future of modern, B2C marketing. In the past, suppliers and venue marketers have often been limited to their immediate catchment, and traditional marketing reflected this. We’ve moved on a bit. Today, venue marketing has developed online, where marketers are always trying to tailor spaces to a prospect’s requirements. Relatively straightforward in person, but on the standard web, not so much. Very few people want to look at their possible wedding venue as a meeting space, and digital images of an empty room just don’t appeal. Enter RendezVerse, the balanced solution that offers an in-person metaverse venue tour of (and from) anywhere.

Rendezverse metaverse headset.
Rendezverse virtual reality

The Fox Agency part

So, the future of venue selection and event setup is here. Now all that’s left to do is get the word out (that’s where we come in). Here are just some of the things we’re doing to make   RendezVerse go global:

  • Taking a deep dive into the challenges faced by the hospitality industry (especially in recent times) to help frame our pitch
  • Strategically placing RendezVerse in places that matter. Specifically, in reliable press at the at the forefront of the industry (the kinds of places hospitality-insiders will be)
  • Keeping the momentum going with key talking points and invaluable insight from RendezVerse experts, so they’re seen as global leaders as trends evolve

Fortunately, this isn’t our first (or last) brand launch in the global tech space. Hot off the heels of a successful launch campaign for Beyond Now (the world’s leading digital ecosystem orchestration platform), the team are ready to get the world talking about the next big thing in hospitality.

PS. You can take a look at Beyond Now’s case study here.


The time is now

The world has changed. Video calling has replaced the need for physical attendance, and unnecessary travel stripped off the agenda. With all this in mind, there’s no better time to revolutionise the industry while its leaders are opening the door to new and innovative ideas. So, into the metaverse, we go…

And it feels like the right time to do so.

After hearing so much about Web3 developments at MWC Barcelona, SXSW, and CES, we look forward to making RendezVerse the centre of hospitality attention in the coming months, as the industry invests in next-generation technology to enhance the customer, client and partner experience. It feels fantastic to be taking our first of many steps into the world of AR, VR and metaverse – all of which have huge implications across multiple industries.