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Revenue metrics are the future

Michael Dean Head of Digital

Brand + Demand 

Fox’s mission is to bring ideas to life and deliver results. That last part “deliver results” is key. I have a background as a developer who wanted to be more involved in the solutions, and so I moved to client-facing and started building digital teams. I love technology, but technology is only an enabler and delivers nothing without a plan. This is the foundation upon which Fox’s Digital Team is built. We have experts in social, paid media, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), marketing automation, websites, martech and the strategy that pulls it all together. Everyone is working together to deliver results. We take the strength in our brand heritage and apply technology and tactics to deliver results across the funnel. When we run Brand alongside Demand within the same campaign to your target audience, we get both an increase in conversions and an increase in the long-term sales pipeline.


What results?

Vanity -> Performance -> Revenue 

Back in the day, Marketing was responsible for vanity metrics (eyeballs, likes and shares) and Sales was responsible for Leads. Technology changed this balance. For the first time, we were able to measure beyond the ad. We moved to performance metrics where Marketing is responsible for the top of the funnel (awareness, engagement, leads) and Sales at the bottom of the funnel. However, both departments worked in separate silos. The new way of thinking (for the last 5+ years) is revenue marketing alongside marketing attribution (first touch, last touch, multi-touch). This focuses all effort on what matters to business, the bottom-line revenue. We can now (with the right technology in place) track our marketing tactics and spend right through the funnel to revenue won. What activity and which campaigns contributed to bringing in the best customers (not leads). This now requires Marketing and Sales Alignment, and with it a change of approach so that Marketing and Sales objectives are aligned or shared. 


Data lake 

Integrated MarTech Stack  

To repeat success, we need to collect and understand the data. Marketing Automation Platforms, like Eloqua, enable us to collect a lot of useful data about both prospects and customers. We know what buyers have viewed (web pages, content, emails, etc), what they have engaged with, how have they converted and more importantly what they are interested in. A mixture of behaviour and frequency to build up insights. But on its own, it is not enough. This needs to link into CRM and the CRM needs to be the crucial point of truth, the single customer view. But is not only MAP and CRM ideally it is your whole martech stack that needs to be integrated, so that you can provide holistic insights. 


Marketing Automation  

Creating conversations for Sales

Marketing Automation (platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, HubSpot, DotDigital, etc) in my view is the wrong name, it really should be a Customer Engagement Platform. It needs to be jointly owned by Sales and Marketing, working together (and not IT). Sales own what is a ‘Good Quality Lead’ and Marketing own the process to get this. There is a technical setup that is required as phase 1. But the magic starts after this. You need to build real campaigns that have marketing automation at the heart. We recommend starting with a pilot campaign and a pilot team (those who are technology champions). Use this pilot campaign to both onboard marketing and sales to the new world, as well as collect real data that will inform the wider rollout. Create your gateway points, such as MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) and agree on who owns the customer at the fernet stages of the buyer journey. Create scoring rules and interesting information alerts and notifications but remember these will need to be reviewed regularly so that Sales are getting the right quantity and quality. The whole purpose is for marketing to find the right people and the right insights to help sales have the right conversation at the right time with the right person. 


Where Fox can help you 

Strategic advisors 

Our success comes from our knowledge and experience. For most of our clients we provide a mix of skills, from reviewing your marketing automation set-up against best practice and helping you to design real-life campaigns that have revenue at the heart. Everything from converting unknown visitors to known prospects, nurturing these along to Sales-Ready status and then tracking along to new customer. Building in key insights and information points to help Sales interact at the right time and not have to wait for the customer to raise their hand. Working in partnership with you, we work as part of the core team to create the right plans and strategy. As we build more campaigns we can then help with the rollout and adoption. This will enable us to build results across the full customer journey. We provide the human element that makes it work.