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Splendid time had by all at the Fox 2019 Summer Party

Fox Agency Summer Party 2019

At Fox Agency, we’re fans of a good old knees-up, especially when it comes to the summer party. Last year, we went all-in at York Races, yet came up a little short as the heavens opened and lightning grounded Tom Jones’ helicopter.

Undeterred by the prospect of inclement weather, we planned an even more outdoorsy shindig this year, starting in Meanwood Park for tinnies and rounders in the sun. Yes, we picked teams using the classic schoolyard method; yes, the creative-dominated team completely whooped the far sportier team made up primarily of accounts folk; and yes, we finished all the crates – go team!

After a couple of hours soaking rays and scoring rounders, we wandered up to the Myrtle Tavern, enjoying a smorgasbord of fine pub tapas and plenty of drinks on the company tab. With libations in full swing, yours truly compèred the Fox Agency Quiz Confessional. Formed entirely around personal facts supplied by members of the team, we learnt an awful lot, including:

  • who made stacks of cash in school creating and selling fake IDs,
  • who once got smashed with Look North’s Harry Gration,
  • and who drunk-purchased ‘’ during the World Cup and ‘’ after seeing 2016’s John Lewis ad (both are still for sale if you’re interested).

After that, and because a Fox social isn’t right without escaping our pretty Headingley surroundings to the bright lights of the city, we hopped into taxis and headed to Cosy Club. Things get pretty fuzzy at that point (many, many cocktails), but all in all, a fantastic time was had… before a bunch of us did the Tough Mudder a day later. Absolute mad’eds.