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Fox Agency on tour at the biggest tech events in the world

We’re going global - from Las Vegas to Lisbon, and San Francisco to Finland

Each year (except those horrid ones we don’t speak of) sees attendees flock in their thousands to tech festivals, events, and conferences all over the world. 2022 may be similar, but with one big difference… Fox Agency will be there! Discover how (and why) we’re sending those we work with to the four corners of the globe, attending the likes of SXSW, CES2022, WebSummit, and MWC Barcelona. 


The only constant is change 

One of the things about working in the tech field is that it never stops changing. Michelangelo once said (at the ripe old age of 87) “I am still learning” – which definitely rings true for tech professionals. Continual learning truly does go hand-in-hand with the perpetually expanding and developing field.  

Attending global tech events like these are essential, that is, if you want to stay on the cutting edge of tech. This isn’t to say that webinars, podcasts, blogs, and news feeds are no more, they will always be a key component in staying ahead of the curve. However, they’re simply not a substitute for attending in-person events. These inimitable and invaluable opportunities expand horizons, nurture new ideas, and offer sweet, sweet bragging rights. Where else do you get to see mind-bogglingly awesome brand-new tech, up close, with your own eyes? 

Which is exactly why we’re giving our team the opportunity to go and experience it all for themselves – because nuances like interacting with an Ameca Robot just ain’t the same through a screen. 


Gallivanting around the globe 

After dipping our toes at Web Summit in November, we were ready to unveil our plans to the entire Fox Agency team. Then, one month later and like three wise men, one lucky Fox Agency trio found themselves at CES2022 in Las Vegas. Whilst there, they saw first-hand (amongst many other things) John Deere’s autonomous (and enormous) farm vehicles, Samsung’s latest consumer innovations, and the aforementioned Engineered Arts Ltd.’s extraordinary Ameca Robot. You can find out more about their trip in our latest blog here.

Though travel nowadays is a little more complicated (thanks to you know what), it’s not impossible, and the obstacles are so worth it. We’re keeping the team safe by following all the necessary precautions, and our first travelling tech nomads had rave reviews of the whole experience, “A technological assault on the senses”, “Amazing, so much to see it was overwhelming” – though they hastened to add this was definitely a positive thing. Very poignantly, after experiencing and seeing things you can’t begin to even imagine, one of the team said, “It was the closest you could come to spending three days in the future”. Sign us up. 


The world is our oyster 

So, where next, we hear you ask. To answer, we say MWC Barcelona in March, the world’s most influential event in the connectivity industry. We’re expecting ground-breaking products and innovations from global mobile operators, tech providers, device manufacturers and much, much more. 

After that, we’re headed to Austin, Texas for SXSW, a global festival celebrating the convergence of the tech, film, and music industries – with the interactive tech track highlighting the innovations about to drive the world’s next wave of change. 

After that? Dublin Tech Summit, Collision, TechCrunch Disrupt, WebSummit, Slush, and more. We’re not holding back. 


Want to get involved? 

The entire Fox Agency team has the opportunity to go to these events – and we have a busy year ahead lined with plenty of global tech events. Take a look at the opportunities we have open right now – and who knows, maybe you could be jetting off to the next big event, eyeing up ground-breaking tech that’s making waves in the industry this year. 

Check out our vacancies (you know you want to).