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The Fox Agency B2B video and animation process

Video and animation have long been key to spicing up B2B marketing campaigns and elevating them above the ordinary, and they’re only getting more popular. 87% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool, according to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, as opposed to 63% in 2017. Why? Customers love it – 68% want to learn about new products and services via video, with text-based articles, sites and posts trailing a distant second at 15%… do keep on reading though!

It’s a good idea to enlist video as part of your marketing strategy, but excellent B2B video and animation content takes time to develop, benefiting hugely from well thought-out and defined processes. At Fox, we love a good process document, so here’s an insight into our approach to video and animation projects.

Planning and briefing

The first step of any B2B video project is to agree the scope and brief, including the budget, key messages and narrative. Getting these properly ironed out and agreed ensures our creative staff understand the possibilities and limits of the project, removing the threat of missed opportunities and cost overruns at the earliest possible moment.

Concept creation

Next, the big idea. During this step, our creatives craft several core concepts for the video or animation, then decide on a selection of visual and creative approaches to suit those ideas. These are then presented to the client, honed further and whittled down until a single, amazing idea remains.


With the core creative idea set in stone, we task our specialists with producing a storyboard that combines the concept’s copy and design directions. Written and visualised, these storyboards contain:

  • The visuals for each frame
  • Transition and animation directions
  • Voiceover directions.

Once produced, they’re sent over to the client, any quibbles are ironed out, and the storyboard is approved.

Asset collection

Before production takes place, we make sure all assets – including existing and stock video footage, product imagery and brand assets – are collated, based on the approved storyboard. This allows us to understand whether there are any gaps in our resources and plan production accordingly, ensuring there are no nasty surprises during editing and absolutely no need for reshoots.

Production and editing

Then we get to work, producing video, animation and motion graphic assets, in-house or alongside trusted experts we’ve worked with time and time again. Once the magic has happened, we edit and begin the review process alongside the client, ensuring that the video perfectly matches their requirements.

Final edit, rendering and promotion

With the final edit agreed, we render the video and supply it to the client. Usually, we’ll then start promoting and placing it alongside other content as part of a wider content strategy – it’s rare a video will have much impact on its own, so this final step is very important!


Getting your brand on customers’ screens is a must as they yearn for more interesting and accessible content, but ensuring projects are grounded in good processes is very important. Contact our team today and learn how we can efficiently create captivating videos that drive engagement and ROI for your business.