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R2D2, AI and your universe: Why ‘thinking human’ will deliver greater results with marketing automation

marketing automation

We work with some of the most-amazing B2B tech brands on the planet. They’re usually leaders (or, ambitious challengers) in their respective fields; be it FinTech, RegTech, EdTech, HealthTech, electronics, automation, digital transformation, and so on. They all have one thing in common.

They want more.

They all want more growth, more visibility, more recognition, more engagement, more leads, more opportunities and, ultimately, more customers.

In our world, we work towards a perfect combination (integration) of brand, awareness, content and lead-gen focused activity. Usually, this involves some degree of marketing automation – capturing and then nurturing leads through to opportunity and conversion.

However, as powerful, and magical, as marketing automation can be, here are four big and important lessons that we’ve learnt along the way.

marketing automation

1. The end is but the beginning

Start at the end and you’ll win more than you lose. In other words, focus on what you want to happen, and work back from there. We can help you decide on the outcomes you need and build a programme that delivers the right commercials for you.

2. The quality of the number counts more than the size of the number

It isn’t simply a numbers game (also known as, quality over quantity). If the numbers say that you need 100,000 prospects to get the 10 customers you’re looking for, but there’s only 50 people in your universe, you’ll need to be smarter (we can help here too).

3. AI doesn’t mean you can be MIA

There’s a reason R2D2 wasn’t in charge; there is no such thing as artificial intelligence. What we’re talking about is machine learning. You still have to do the ‘thinking’ bit. And the ‘emotional’ bit, too. Ask yourself; are you really connecting? What is the data really telling you?

4. The tools alone are worthless

Let’s be real. Marketing automation can take you so far and bring you so much in the way of demand, pipelines, and qualified leads. All with lovely, measurable ROI. It can bring huge efficiency, speed, and scale. But it is a servant of strategy and creativity, not a substitute for them. The big idea wins. Every. Single. Time.

There a million and one automation platforms out there. Some are great, some less-so. But they’re all only as good as those driving the strategy, creating the (human) connections, and applying the human-touch to all those shiny metrics, sexy analytics, and glittering conversions. Don’t lose sight of ‘human’ whilst chasing the wonders of automation.

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