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Global Tech PR & Influencer

Helping B2B tech brands be seen and talked about by all the right people, in all the right places.

Global Tech PR & Influencer

The simple truth about PR: it’s about getting talked about by the right people, in all the right places. Or, as we like to call it, influence. That’s right, PR and Influence – they’re actually one and the same. And these days, those influential people and places are usually online. They might also be ‘traditional media outlets’. But most often, they’re not. 

So far, so Buzzfeed. But here’s the smart bit – how you can stop talking about influence, and start having it and using it.

Tech focus, creative narratives, strategic placement.

We have a tech-focused team for that. (We could have called them tech-sperts, but luckily we thought better of it). They are experts in two things: 1. Understanding tech, and creating exciting narratives around it 2. Working the room – hanging out with the go-to journos, bloggers, vloggers, and dreamers in your space, and sharing ideas and content with them. Movers and shakers, as it were.

Old school, new tricks.

We are also PR pros. (Very ‘90s, but also very important). This means we do the hard yards of pitching, follow-up, and measurement – although you can forget talk of ‘advertising value equivalency’, these days our currency is engagement, referral, leads, and conversion rates.

Global reach, local execution.

This is also a story of 24/7 rolling, global news. But in reality, global news happens in local media. So we have a network of ‘native’ affiliates in key markets – people who know all the right people and understand what’s going to fly in Germany, Paris, Melbourne, San Francisco, and wherever else we need to influence your story. But always connected to the mothership, and delivering on the core strategy and the big idea.