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Research, Insight & Strategy

Behind every great B2B tech brand lies brilliant clarity of thought.

Complete focus on global B2B tech

We prize simplicity. We only work in B2B tech, which helps. And we’ve been there and seen, experienced, tried and tested, failed, tried again and succeeded, several times over. 

Our clear tech focus and experience means we are able to provide clear, expert, and informed strategic advice – helping global B2B tech brands to understand their markets and audiences; develop effective marketing strategies, and create and grow their brands over the long term.

Research that matters

Sometimes digital audits, competitor analysis, social listening, media monitoring, and brand studies. Often customer segmentation, persona development, customer journey mapping, proposition, and creative testing, or audience targeting. Always with a meaningful purpose, a clear and proven methodology, and delivered by experts.

Meaningful insight

For every challenge, we are able to build on an ever-growing body of knowledge and data, gathered from a huge variety of global and vertical markets. This gives us the context and understanding to review, analyse, interpret and extract real, meaningful insights – not your wishy-washy common sense observations, we’re talking the really good stuff that helps you move the needle and make big gains.


Proper strategy (not just a vague plan) lies at the heart of everything we do. Each brand, solution, market, and audience is different so we need a custom approach to every challenge. We also need concrete goals, a clear activation plan, continuous tracking, proper measurement, ongoing optimisation, and the right amount of ‘smart’ to know when to change tack and try something different.