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Digital transformation for packaging giants. Yep, that’s our bag

The background story

With global revenues of more than CHF 1.6 Billion and over 5,500 employees BOBST is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of machinery, equipment, and services to the global packaging and converting industry. From headquarters in Switzerland, BOBST operates in 50 countries, with sales, production, and distribution in all the key markets and segments. But in an age of global competition, digital transformation and environmental action, how can they continue to lead?

What did Fox Agency do?

We help BOBST shape the future of packaging. Or at least, we help them to communicate their story to customers, brand-owners, and industry influencers around the globe. In the BOBST world, the story is about sustainability, connectivity, personalization, and yes, innovation. And that’s pretty much our brief. Working with each of the Business Units (Services, Web-fed, Sheet-fed) as well as BOBST corporate, we bring the creative and the narrative, as well as the campaign strategies, digital initiatives, content, and campaign integration that positions BOBST as forward thinkers, and front-of-mind for new ideas and solutions in the packaging industry.

What happened?

There is a lot going on. Including: Automated marketing journeys, for subscription-based software and digital services; virtual global sales conferences; web-events based around thought leadership and product innovation; global print and digital advertising, with media planning, creative, and localisation – from Italian and French, to Korean to Russian; Packaging portfolio showcase – concept, design, artwork, and 3D visualisations for over 300+ BOBST ‘own-brand’ SKUs, covering all major retail categories and packaging substrates; Brand owner comms; and product launch landing pages; Plus, a host of ‘always on’ content-driven activity, sales support material, exhibitions, and video. Everything is measured against clear objectives. We continually review, refine, and refocus. And we’re always thinking ‘what’s next’?


“We have a great partnership with Fox Agency. They bring ideas and creativity, but they also listen to what we need. And they get things done, in a realistic way. Which really works for me.”

Francois Martin Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, BOBST