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Not just another day at the office: Transforming work with Fellowes Brands

The background story

The workplace is changing. You may have noticed. Technology, health and wellbeing, flexible working, and yep, The Virus, all these factors are having a profound impact on how we work, where we work, and the tools we work with. Fellowes Brands are world leaders in this particular space. For more than a century, they have been creating solutions to help you be at your best in the workplace; everything from business machines and technology accessories, to the famous Bankers’ Box. And as the world moves on, so Fellowes are evolving. And we’re working with them to present a new generation of solutions for the future of work, whether that’s at corporate HQ, or the office at home.

What did Fox Agency do?

It’s our job to articulate the forward-thinking vision to Fellowes’ customers, including channel partners, business customers, industry influencers, and end-users (that’s you and me, perching behind our laptops). Working closely with Fellowes’ European brand, channel, and digital marketing teams, we develop campaign strategy and concepts; ‘the big idea’ if you like. Then we create all the assets and provide the expertise to ‘make it happen’, typically on a pan-European basis. Depending on the objective (channel activation, category support, awareness, positioning, etc.) we create campaign landing pages, digital display, imagery and video content, PR and editorial, sales support material, and exhibition collateral.

What happened?

Remember Emma? Fellowes’ embodiment of the ‘work colleague of the future’ has been a hugely successful PR tool, highlighting the importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace. We worked with Fellowes to commission and interpret the research that fuelled the strategy – using the insight to bring to life customer personas, create an umbrella proposition, and develop messaging for different audiences. We are building on the awareness of ‘Emma’ with sales activation plans. Alongside successful activity to support sales of Bankers Box (Made for Life), and a new campaign to re-energise the shredders category, this is all part of a bigger vision for how Fellowes is shaping a positive future: A campaign we call the Fellowes Effect.