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This is digital age brand marketing

A campaign to put Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise at the heart of the conversation about seamless digital communication.


Do things differently, sell something new.

Once upon a time it was all about telephones. Then networks. And more recently, the cloud. Operating in over 100 countries, and with more than a million customers, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) have always been leaders in the world of communications. And now they wanted to kick start a major conversation about Digital Age Communication. DAC for short. Or in other words the future: seamless communication at scale, across multiple devices, technologies and locations 

This is the future ALE DAC image 1


Anything but business-as-blah-blah-blah.

Unifiedcommunications-as-a-service called for anything but business-as-usual. So grey was out, colour was definitely in, and we set about developing a campaign to cut through the noise, connect with decision makers, and communicate the potential of DAC. We ditched the ‘stock library’ business environment, and created our own alternative reality – vibrant, 3D spaces brought to life through photography, video, and animation.

Launching in five different languages and 10 countries (France, Germany, UK, USA, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore) the campaign called for an infinitely versatile set of assets – so we could address the specific needs of different audiences and vertical markets, while delivering a consistent brand message across every touch point, including digital display, social, global PR, and events. 

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Going super-sized on awareness and engagement

The distinctive creative idea stood out in a uniform market saturated by the same-old-same-old, hitting over 21 million impressions across digital, paid, display and PR, and an engagement rate of 10.4%.

Opening customers’ eyes to the potential of seamless communication at scale, the campaign successfully increased awareness of ALE’s DAC solutions while in the process doing a number on outdated perceptions of the ALE brand and helping it to shine as a fully-fledged transformational technology partner 

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