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3D design: uncanny valley or the new marketing essential?

For businesses wanting to push their visuals to new heights, 3D design can unlock new, exciting showcases.

Hannah Leadbeater smiling

With the ability to transform how brands sell their products and services, 3D visualisations offer a variety of use cases. Imagine being able to see your product from every angle, before it’s been created in real life. No wonder demand is rocketing, as businesses realise the stand-out potential that 3D design can offer. In this blog, we’re diving into the latest industry trends with resident expert, Hannah Leadbeater. 


Never the same day twice 

3D design brings depth and creativity to your subject, with scope to convey much more than the 2D alternative – that’s what makes it such a great field to work in. The possibilities are truly endless, especially when the designer is given plenty of creative license, so I spend a lot of my time experimenting with different 3D concepts. Every day offers something new – for example, one week I’ll be working on 3D visualisations for product innovation presentations, then designing a futuristic world for a sustainability campaign the next. 

All aboard is best 

A lack of understanding can hinder the design process, which will run a lot smoother if you take the time to learn the ins and outs of every step. There have been times when a model needs to be altered at the end of the project. While in 2D design this is also not ideal, in 3D it means going right back to the drawing board, and then back through every stage of development, before it is ready to be rendered. This is why being a part of an integrated agency works so well for me. Seeing my work become part of a bigger picture helps make every design decision far easier, and the client always gets a better outcome when everything is aligned. 

A good 3D designer credits their tools 

Behind every designer sits a portfolio of systems that support the process. For 3D, these include texturing tools, lighting systems and render engines. The key here is choice – with a comprehensive asset library, you can significantly speed up production time.

There are new tools hitting the, erm… shelves, daily, but right now Greyscalegorilla is my absolute must-have for any 3D designer working within Cinema 4D. It has award-winning plugins and high-resolution materials, as well as making your overall workflow much easier. Not to mention a fantastic community. I don’t really have to say much on this front, but there are endless forums and tutorials that help with pretty much any of your needs/questions – what more could you want? 

Greyscalegorilla adds that extra bit of WOW factor to your renders, which leads to my next plugin, Redshift. I have always been in two minds when it comes to render plugins, but this is a clear winner for me. Again, it really speeds up your workflow, yet can still create photorealistic renders in no time.  

Ultimately, there’s nothing worse than counter-intuitive software. I want to spend my time designing, not troubleshooting. So, when I choose software, I’m looking for one that comes with plenty of learning resources and, most of all, a user-friendly interface.  


3D design is at the cutting edge and should be in the toolbelt of any discerning marketing team looking to make their product stand out from the crowd. As the field grows, it’s important to have a strong creative team at your side to build a campaign with impact.