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Extending our global footprint

Our DACH expansion begins with a new face and office space

Soeren Kristensen Fox Agency

It’s a guten tag here at Fox Agency because we’re cementing our position in the DACH market by expanding our everyday delivery of greatness into the region.  

For our next step up the German ladder, we brought Søren Kristensen on board as new Client Strategy Director and Head of DACH. He’s already making moves at Fox Agency and has the privilege of opening the doors to our new office in Düsseldorf. 

Søren’s experience speaks for itself as he brings over 25 years of industry expertise to the table. Previous senior marketing roles include Leader of Global Marketing at Deutz AG, and Vice President of Global Marketing, Communication and Brand Strategy at TMD Friction.

Strategy, comms, branding and leadership are all strings to Søren’s bow, so he’s perfectly placed to lead us in this new chapter on the continent.  

“Fox can offer a unique combination of local insight and understanding of the nuances of the DACH region, but with English-language-first thinking, which allows businesses to create a proposition which will truly resonate in markets beyond these borders.” Søren Kristensen, Head of DACH, Fox Agency

With such inspiring words about our future, he’s already convinced us to redownload Duolingo and board the first flight out to Deutschland.  

Even though Søren and the Düsseldorf office are new here, we’ve been working across the region for some time. As our Director and Co-founder Ben Fox notes: “We’ve seen a surge in clients wanting to work with Fox across multiple regions so having a presence on the ground in Germany will help us to scale and grow this offer”.

So there we have it, es ist alles sehr gut for Fox Agency. Our global domination is well underway; our snazzy new Düsseldorf office, and our even snazzier Head of DACH is only the beginning.