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Video, Animation & CGI

Bringing tech brands and solutions to life through video, animation, motion graphics, and CGI.

Bringing great tech to life

We can probably all agree. People watch videos. People share videos. Google loves videos. As does LinkedIn. Video drives awareness,  engagement, and leads. Video works.

Pictures, sound, movement, drama – you can communicate more in just a few seconds of film than you can in three hours’ worth of PowerPoint. You can build brands, sell concepts, and explain the most advanced tech in the whole world. Wow – This is amazing!

But let’s hit pause for a moment: there are issues: B2b brands are hungry for share of view. The world is full of video. Viewers have massive expectations of quality. And we all watch enough Netflix to know what brilliant looks like. How can you compete without a Narcos budget?

Motion 4.0

Cue Motion 4.0 – where it’s all about doing it well, doing it lots, and doing it smart. And at Fox Agency, we have a solution for producing film, animation, motion graphics, and CGI that works for your audiences, and delivers your ROI.

Talent on cue

Firstly, we have the talent – in house writers, art directors, editors, and motion specialists. With a supporting network of trusted production partners for things like specialist animation and effects, location-shoots, and filming in bigger studios.

Always a big idea

Secondly, we begin and end with the idea. Our job is to understand what you have to say, and then find a way to tell that story in an interesting, enjoyable, and entertaining way. I.e. to get people to start watching, and continue watching. Always respecting your budget and timescales.

Keep it real

Thirdly, and as is our habit, we keep it real: Processes are lean (but not mean). We move quickly, and with action. We use tech for project management, streamlined communication, approvals, publishing, sharing, testing, and measurement. There are no dramas, and we don’t make a huge production out of every. little. issue.