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A new reality for corporate hospitality

Delivering global PR for the Web3 virtual space


Hospitality in Web3

RendezVerse is the first AI-powered metaverse for the hotels and events industry. With Hilton, Four Seasons, and Marriott as core development partners, RendezVerse uses Web3 technology to offer business and individuals the ability to meet up, converse, plan, and trade in a true-to-life virtual space.

With the metaverse trending everywhere, there was huge opportunity to take awareness of RendezVerse to the next level, attract investors, and educate the market about its unique capabilities. But how?

Enter Fox Agency.


Going bigger than Bieber

Our research showed that, at the time, the metaverse was bigger than Justin Bieber. Over the course of five months, we tapped into its popularity by raising the profile of RendezVerse with leading journalists who had previously written about the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, crypto, VR and AR.

We placed a spotlight on the Web3 technology by educating global media in the travel, events, and hospitality sectors via platform briefings hosted by RendezVerse spokespeople.

“The PR support exceeded our expectations; we had contacts reaching out wanting to invest because of the media activity the team secured.” Peter Gould, CEO - RendezVerse