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Content Marketing

Curating, creating, and promoting great content for truly great B2B tech brands.

The stuff that dreams (and great tech brands) are made of

By content, of course, we mean ‘stuff that’s of interest to people’. Actual useful stuff. Stuff that could raise a smile. Stuff that people might share because, well, it makes them look good. Stuff that stops LinkedIn scrollers in their tracks. Stuff they want to look further into. Loads of stuff. 

Anyone can create stuff. But how do you create something that’s interesting and original, fits so neatly with your brand that it looks obvious, appeals to customers, and leads them happily and willingly into your demand funnel? And then, how do you all that quickly, and in large quantities?

Because three things really matter: 1. Content serves your customer, but it exists to feed your demand pipeline. 2. In order to feel the benefit (and keep feeling it), you need to keep the content coming. 3. Timing and context = relevance = tell me more.

Bad news; there are no shortcuts. Good news; there is creativity at pace. At Fox Agency we achieve this through our expertise in your marketplace, the talent we have in the building, and the smart way we go about things.


We work with tech businesses. We immerse ourselves in tech. And specific areas of tech, including EdTech, Fintech, SaaS, digital transformation, and industry 4.0. This means that we’re always across the issues that matter to customers. We understand the conversations they’re having. And we use insight gained through continual on-line research and monitoring to help us stay current, and deliver ideas that are topical and unusual at the same time.


There is no substitute for talent. And when we say talent, we’re talking about our in-house team of writers (including tech-specialist ex-journalists), art directors, designers, animators, and podcasters. So we can create the right type of content for the job at hand – blogs, films, newsletters, landing pages, podcasts, social media, interactive experiences, e-books, whitepapers – but always with the big picture in mind, a unifying idea, and a campaign metric to deliver on.


Enough with the strategies already. Content lives in front of audiences, not in agency meeting rooms. To that end, we solve problems by action: getting things done through a cycle of ideas, challenge, go again, challenge, refine…you get the picture. Everything is held to account by the great gods of KPI – with clear objectives, and stone-cold measurement of outcomes (google rankings, site traffic, engagement, brand influence, enquiries…you know the score). It’s all about smartness (as in speed and intelligence); outcomes rather than process; and greatness above all.