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Social Media (Organic & Paid)

Building audiences, raising awareness, creating connections and driving opportunity, through social.

Tim Bond

With great power comes great responsibility

Peter Parker’s uncle (Ben) was a truly wise man. With great power does come great responsibility. And whilst social media gives us the power and the platform to reach global audiences like never before – in an uber-smart and targeted way – it’s our responsibility to help B2B tech brands realise the potential of social. 

There are no barriers, nothing holding us back – we just need a clear strategy, smart targeting, a constant stream of (the right) content, optimised paid promotion, and away we go. This is precisely where truly great tech brands get to harness the power of… well, truly great tech.

Content that connects. Growing an audience that matters.

Your tech brand has important news, new product releases, CSR initiatives, and brand messages. Then there’s the customer success stories, and commercial partnerships, and a whole raft of other content just waiting to be shared with the people that matter. Organic content is your cornerstone; the foundation from which to grow, engage, nurture, and, in turn, convert your ideal customers.

But there are other, equally important, audiences out there for you to reach and engage – like influencers in your priority vertical markets, and your brand advocates, then there’s your partner network – just waiting to spread the word in their worlds. And, there are your people; already engaged, already waiting to swing into action and amplify your reach like you wouldn’t believe. Ultimately, this is your big chance to be visible, to be present, to be connected and relevant, and to be part of meaningful conversations.


Smart targeting. Even smarter activation.

Smart targeting, channel strategy, and strategic paid promotion means you will be seen, in real-time, by more audiences worldwide than ever before. At Fox, we use our human-know how, combined with native targeting, to build custom audiences that are bang on the money – always in the knowledge that, in the world of B2B tech, the quality of the number is often far more important than the size of the number.

Paid promotion is our catalyst to reach more of your target audience, in the right moment, with the right content – ultimately, we’re looking to grow your audience, create more interactions, drive more relevant traffic and capture more leads and better opportunities.


Continuous improvement and looking beyond the data   

KPIs can be great. Real business goals with smart targets are better. But even this can’t focus the mind like really analysing performance for continual improvement. At Fox, we look beyond the data – after all – there are some things that even the LinkedIn and Facebook algorithm gods can’t tell you. We combine the facts and stats with real-life human instinct (call it expertise if you will). We review, consider, and interpret to understand what sits behind the charts and graphs and what it all really means (and what the hell we should do about it).