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Creating standout for Piper as a HR innovator

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Piper believes that by supporting managers to be the best they can be, teams will be more productive, happy, and ultimately retain employees.

Piper emerged on the scene as an innovative platform to help line managers improve their interactions with their reports, using real-time data to assess and analyse the effectiveness of these conversations, with training modules designed to build leadership skills.

Dwarfed by established players on the HR scene, Piper needed to create standout and differentiation fast. They required a B2B tech PR agency partner with all the speed, agility, energy, and creativity it takes to support a fast-scaling tech start-up.

Enter Fox Agency.

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We developed narrative to position Piper as disruptors in people management – dispelling the myth that line management is an add-on to an employee’s day job, but a role in itself.

We worked in an agile and dynamic way to identify trends and develop thought leadership around this space. When “quiet quitting” burst into the mainstream in mid-2022, we were quick to leverage this as an opportunity to talk about the importance of empathetic management and extended this by identifying an emerging trend of “quiet constraint”, with both stories gaining widespread pick-up across the most influential HR titles, including and Unleash.

Owning the conversation around key moments such as Stress Awareness Week and Bullying Prevention Week further cemented Piper’s position as an authority in people management, with the latter garnering extensive commentary in Digiday Media’s Worklife title.

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Over a six-month period, we took Piper from a new player on the scene to achieving 28 opportunities in key business and HR media, with a reach of 5million+. More importantly, we created the brand platform for growth and planned investment rounds – creating interest and engagement across the media, market, business, and investors.

From the moment we were onboarded as clients, working with Fox Agency has been an incredibly positive experience. The entire team managing our account are proactive, quick to respond, skilled in their craft, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Additionally, the gains in terms of our media coverage exceeded our expectations.CEO, Piper
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