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Creating a transformational showcase event for BOBST

The complete package to engage a global audience


Showing leadership in turbulent times

BOBST are a big fish in the packaging world – the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the art packaging machinery and solutions supplying over 50 countries worldwide. Roughly every second a package is produced on a BOBST machine. So when we say big, we mean it.

The Pandemic wasn’t going to stop that. BOBST wanted to continue connecting with global customers digitally and demonstrating their industry-leading authority in a virtual event. But how could BOBST persuade all of their customers to gather in one place, at one time?

Enter Fox Agency.


Packaging an unmissable vision

Our answer was more than a virtual event. It was BOBST’s vision for shaping the future of the global packaging industry, brought to life in a digital showcase across 4 days of speakers, webinars and videos. BOBST DAYS was born.

The event encompassed the big opportunities and challenges facing the global industry – sustainability, productivity, connectivity – and reached the entire value chain of manufacturers, converters and brand owners the world over.

This was BOBST’s moment to cement its position as a leading voice in the industry. And we delivered the event big time.

“If you want to operate in agile, cost-effective way, pick an agency and build a love affair. And if you pick Fox Agency you know it will work.”Francois Martin, Global Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

How we did it

From concepting and strategy, platform sourcing and management, video production and post, and all the way through to full event coordination and promotional support –  Fox Agency delivered a global, end-to-end event production on a massive scale.

  • Created the event concept and identity
  • Full event production with platform partners cVent
  • Global video production and post-production:
    • 17 video shoots
    • 61 multi-national speakers
    • 28 webinar sessions created
    • Product filming and animation
  • Event promotion:
    • Driving registrations through organic and paid digital
    • Marketing automation through global partners
  • Live event production and coordination including technical setup and platform management


BOBST DAYS was such a success, that it will be returning the following year. We can’t wait to take these results even higher next time.