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Customer onboarding, made epic

Putting the human into digital onboarding


How onboarding should be done

Zenoo is challenging the way businesses onboard – with a transformational digital-first approach and a vision to make the customer journey smoother, slicker and more successful.

But how to achieve standout against established competitors? How to position the challenger brand into an attractive partner for global enterprises across multiple verticals?

Enter Fox Agency.


Making Zenoo zig when others zag

Our approach focused not only on crafting a distinct identity, but also bringing to life an own-able and compelling proposition across multiple channels that would engage attention, inspire confidence and accelerate demand.

Come onboard became our driving message that invited the audience to discover a faster, simpler and friendlier way to convert customers and boost business metrics. After crafting a unique look that mirrored Zenoo’s human-first platform and a tone of voice that put the soul back into the sector, we zoomed into content creation.

From re-writing the website to social and search activity, our integrated approach and on-going monitoring of engagement data and lead generation means that we can ensure Zenoo is always zigging when its competitors are zagging.

"Fox Agency is the ideal growth partner for Zenoo. They understand how to scale SaaS brands and take ownership for driving outcomes."George Taylor, MD, Zenoo

How we did it

We took Zenoo’s vision as a springboard to create an ownable, definable position and identity across all brand activity, including:

  • Concept and proposition
  • Look, feel and tone of voice
  • Brand video
  • Website
  • Social activity
  • Paid search
  • CRO and CRM management