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The Start OV Something Global

Creating a world of opportunity for Manx Telecom

The background story

How does a small island (pop. 85,000) take on the world?

Manx Telecom were asking themselves a similar question.

The global IoT market is expected to reach an eye-watering US$1.4 trillion by 2026. The Isle of Man provider knew it had some sharp IoT technology (and amazing people), that could make an impact on the world stage, but were looking for some serious tech marketing expertise to help them do it.

The firm had been working on a global solutions offer for some time. What they needed to do was to understand the world they were taking on, and then create and launch a completely new brand to match their ambitions.

Enter Fox Agency.

What did Fox Agency do?

First – the hard yards. Fox built a research programme analysing the market and Manx Telecom’s competitors, and developed personas to give our audience a human face. We held workshops with the SMT and Sales Teams to harness their collective expertise. And we spoke with both customers and prospects to discover ‘the reality’. We then shared what we’d found, and used these insights as the basis for strategy and proposition development.

Next – who doesn’t love a christening? Fox created a completely new brand name – OV – along with  a fresh, original visual identity and core messaging.

OV is an agile, fast-moving IoT connectivity market entrant. Their strength is in their ability to forge flexible, collaborative partnerships. Fox’s positioning brought this firmly to the fore. ‘We see things differently’ was the core proposition we delivered.

Finally – the fun bit. With a newly-minted brand identity, it was time to plan a big splash. Fox delivered a seamless, 360° programme of activity comprising digital presence, content strategy, awareness-led PR, and demand-generation.

What happened?

Together with OV, Fox created a platform for achieving highly ambitious short- and longer-term growth. We transformed their customer acquisition and nurturing process to help them capture opportunities in new global markets. Our work on ongoing awareness, content and digital activity is already delivering big results, including a PR campaign that’s garnered 649,000 coverage views to date.

OV has arrived in a big way – branded, energised and ready to take on the world of IoT Connectivity.

Not bad for a small island.