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Three (not so) little SaaS birds, pitched by our doorstep

A hat-trick of SaaS success stories to feast your eyes on

fox blog image of the websites of three saas brands were working with

2022 was a stellar year for Software as a Service (SaaS) appointments here at Fox Agency. Just like Downing Street, we welcomed not one not two… but three new faces giving us a firm foothold in the $140 billion market. And, unlike events in Westminster, it all went smoothly. 


Syrenis: respect builds growth

Syrenis is a global specialist in stakeholder engagement solutions. Their flagship consent and preference management platform, Cassie, helps businesses achieve growth plans through smart and compliant use of data. Sounds good, right? 

However, the digital age of, erm, everything has built a collective underlying cynicism. Read how we made the Cassie brand more trustworthy. 

Redefining a global brand >


Zenoo: onboarding made epic 

Zenoo is challenging the way businesses onboard. They have a vision to build a transformational digital-first approach that makes the customer journey smoother and slicker. But, in a field filled with onboarding partners, how can one truly stand out? By zigging where others zag. 

This is how we catapulted Zenoo into the minds of global enterprises, with a compelling proposition and a distinct identity across social, search, web and more. 

Making digital onboarding human >


Piper: disrupting people management 

Piper is a startup looking to make waves in HR by changing the perception of line management. With integrated tools, data and contextual learning resources, they’re taking day-to-day HR from an add-on to a skill. 

Find out how Fox Agency placed Piper firmly at the heart of the PR-worthy talking points – from quiet quitting to stress awareness. 

PR clout for HR glory >


Our SaaS masterplan 

Ultimately, our goal for all of these brands is rapid, measurable growth. We work across the agency to increase their brand awareness. From strategy and demand generation to social media management and web development, we bring the integrated expertise to make it happen. 

Our previous experience of working with fast-moving, ambitious SaaS scale-ups (from TruNarrative and Caspian to Beyond Now, Learnlight and Rainbow by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise) proves that we talk the language of SaaS, and can deliver on a global scale.